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Host the Ultimate Christmas Pajama Party Using These Tips!

christmas pajama party

Christmas Pajama Party Ideas for the Ultimate Holiday Celebration

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and here at Major League Mommy we want to help you have a good time. Whether you plan a Christmas Pajama Party for the individuals in your home or open it up to others, these ideas will ensure that you have an awesome time! 

So let’s not waste any more time. Let’s get the party started now. Happy planning!

Christmas Pajama Party

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Yes, even if you’re only inviting the members of your household, you can still send out invitations. You can simply slip invites under their bedroom door, send out a group text, or even slip it under their dinner plate. This is a great way to really build up the excitement.

If you are extending your invitation to individuals outside of your home, you can simply send out an Evite. There’s cute templates and it requires very minimal work to send out. But if you are in a creative mood, you can check out some DIY Christmas Pajama Party invitations on Pinterest. 



If we’re talking about having a party, you know we have to have some decorations! And when it comes to a Christmas pajama party, you likely already have your decorations up! But you may decide you want to add a few pajama party-themed decorations as well. 

Maybe you want to include a fun backdrop for photography purposes. Maybe you want to add some Christmas balloons and colorful props



Okay, you can really have some fun with this part. Maybe you will choose to have everyone wear matching pajamas or the same color PJs. Maybe you will choose to have a theme like wearing Disney-themed Holiday Pajamas



We can’t forget the snacks! It would be a good idea to include some classic holiday treats like cookies and hot cocoa. But you can also choose healthier treats if you wish. Or come up with a mix of some of your family and friends’ favorite treats. 

I really like the idea of a nacho bar and a couple of holiday-themed desserts and maybe individual baggies of Chex Mix or popcorn if you’re watching a movie. 


Movies & Games

If you plan on including movies at your pajama party, I highly recommend you check out our list of holiday movies featured in this blog post. You can also check out these holiday games to further assist with your planning. 


What are some of your favorite Christmas pajama party ideas? Feel free to share in the comments!





























































































































































































































































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