Christmas Games for Family Game Night

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Check out these fun Christmas games for the family!

Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate the holidays this year? How about a family game night featuring a few of these fun Christmas games?

Christmas games for family

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You can’t go wrong with a classic game of BINGO and some fun prizes. There are so many fun ways to add holiday cheer into this particular game. A quick Google search will bring up a ton of Holiday-themed BINGO games.

Minute to Win It

From relays to fishing with candy canes, there is certainly no shortage of Minute to Win it games for the holidays. Here are a few ideas to kickstart your planning.


Pictionary is a game that people have been enjoying for many years. It’s simple and yet can be so much fun. So why not include a few rounds of Pictionary at your Christmas game night?


Who doesn’t love trivia?? We include trivia at every game night in our household. So of course I had to add it to this list. You can purchase a trivia game like this Elf Trivia Game Set or you can pull up some trivia up on YouTube.


If you want to include a board game at your Christmas family game night, check out a holiday-themed Monopoly board game.

Mad Libs

Looking for a good laugh? Work together as a family filling in the blanks for Christmas Mad Libs.

Scavenger Hunt

Create or find a list of holiday items for the family to find around the house in a Christmas-themed Scavenger hunt. Your list of items to hunt down can be as long or short as you like.

Would You Rather

We have to make many tough decisions in life, at least this time you can have some fun with it. You can purchase a book full of Would You Rather questions to use at your next game night or simply pull up a list online.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph

This is a great game for the entire family. This fun holiday-themed spin on “Pin the tail on the donkey” may be the exact game you need at your next family holiday event.


Charades has been a featured game at game nights for many years. It’s simple, low cost, and can be tailored to pretty much any theme.

What are some of your favorite Christmas games to play with the family? Feel free to share in the comments!


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