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Buying A Gift For Your Husband: The Do’s And Don’ts

MLM Pin-buying a gift for your husband

With Christmas weaving its merry way into our homes and hearts very soon, now is the time to think about gift buying that special gift for your Husband. Of course, the Christmas season aside, you may also have his birthday or a special anniversary to consider as well. 

MLM Pin-buying a gift for your husband

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Just what are you supposed to buy him? Men are notoriously difficult to buy for, so if you are having this problem, you might be asking yourself this question. Whatever the case, here are some helpful do’s and don’ts to help you when looking for a gift for your guy.


Don’t always go for the obvious

If your Husband loves nothing more than a fine beer, you could always buy him a tankard or a crate of his favorite drinks. Or if he is a bit of a movie buff, you could buy him the Blu-Ray collection of whatever he is into. And while there is nothing wrong with any of these ideas – at least you will have bought him something attuned to his tastes – you may still decide to put some extra thought into what you buy him. So, rather than a standard beer tankard, what about a beer horn? And instead of a Blu-ray or two, what about a signed autograph of his favorite Hollywood hero? So, whatever you know your Husband is into, think beyond the obvious. Would he appreciate something a little different? You know him the best, so give it some thought.


Do buy him something that relates to his personality

Especially when buying your guy a new tie, a new jumper, or any other type of fashionable garment, you do need to buy something he will actually want to wear. While you might love nothing more than to see him in a festive sweater or a tie with a flashing Rudolf nose, you do need to consider his response. Will he be appreciative? Or will he say ‘thank you very much’ and then put the item of clothing so far back in his wardrobe that it almost reaches the gates of Narnia? Think the same with any type of gift you might buy for your guy. Assuming you know him well, you should already have an idea of his personality and the gifts that will match his sensibilities, so let that dictate your spending choices. 


Don’t buy him something for selfish reasons

Remember that you’re buying the gift for him and not for yourself. So, going back to our previous point, don’t buy him clothing that only you will appreciate. Don’t buy him a DVD or a book that is more befitting of your films-to-see or reading list than his. And don’t buy him something with the intention of changing him, such as a smarter set of clothes to improve his fashion sense. If your guy senses ulterior motives behind your gift-giving, he might only get upset and resentful. Instead, ask him or others for the items you want to own yourself. And rather than enforcing a change to his character or dress sense, suggest to him ways he can improve himself throughout the year, and only buy something to suit your suggestions if he seems approving of your ideas. 


Do spend time thinking about his hobbies and interests

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If you take his everyday passions into account, buying for your guy shouldn’t be difficult at all. So, think about the things he enjoys doing after work. Consider the sports and games he is into. Make a note of those personal interests that he mentions to you in conversation. And find out what he and his friends spend time doing together. Take each of these things into account, and then buy him a gift to suit whatever he is into. This way, he is less likely to be disappointed, he will be appreciative of the fact that you have given his interests some consideration, and you won’t have wasted your money.


Don’t spend money you don’t have

Okay, so you might want to shower him with gifts as evidence of your love for him, but this can be problematic. Not only will you make life difficult for yourself when you have less money in your pocket, but you might also put a strain on your relationship if a lack of money then leads to stress and arguments. If your guy truly loves you, then he will love you for you and not for the material things you can give him. So, buy him something nice by all means, but consider inexpensive gift ideas if money is tight. And do other things to show your love, such as making his favorite meal or writing a verse to tell your guy how much you love him, as these can mean so much more than store-bought items. 


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