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by Briana Marie
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Poor dental health can impact far more than just the state of your teeth and mouth. The truth is, proper oral health is important for your overall health and well-being. 

I always felt like I took fairly decent care of my teeth. I brush twice a day, use my water flosser religiously, and I try to avoid overindulging in sugary sweets. But as I started learning more about oral health, I discovered that there are many other things I needed to take into consideration.

It can be difficult to know where to start, but I felt it was best to start by actually assessing my oral health. Makes sense right?

That’s where Bristle comes into the picture. 

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Why I Wanted to Try an Oral Microbiome Test

I really wanted to assess my oral health to see if there were any adjustments I could make to improve my overall health. I had recently gotten my braces removed after a year of wearing them, and I just wanted to see where I stood at this point.


Why I Chose the Bristle Oral Health Test

I previously stumbled across Bristle while casually browsing on LinkedIn one day. I decided to follow the company on LinkedIn because I was intrigued by what they were doing. I liked that they didn’t only help you assess your oral health, but they also provide you with a game plan to address any issues that are discovered.

So when I made the decision to try an oral microbiome test, Bristle was the first one that came to mind. 


About Bristle’s Oral Microbiome Test

You can order your Bristle Oral Health Test kit from Bristle directly on their website, and they will send your test kit directly to your doorstep.

Their testing kit is able to measure over 100 bacteria found in your saliva, and they use this information to build out a detailed report. 

Their lab is CLIA Certified (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments). This means that they adhere to higher standards as they go through regular inspections for their state and federal certifications. 


My Experience

The entire process of working with Bristle has been so easy!

I received my kit in the mail, registered it in my dashboard according to their directions, followed the instructions to collect my saliva sample, placed it in the prepaid postage envelope, and dropped it off at my local post office. Within a few weeks, I received my results! But while I was waiting, Bristle updated me throughout every step of the process. I received the following update emails after sending off my sample.

  • “We’ve received your sample for analysis”
  • “Your sample is undergoing extraction”
  • “Your sample is undergoing sequencing”
  • “Your sample is undergoing analysis”
  • “Your results are ready!”

They literally updated me throughout every single step! I was never left wondering where they were in the process. 

I was so excited (and a little nervous) when my results finally arrived! I immediately logged into my dashboard to view my report and recommendations.

And they were so thorough! It was easy to understand the results of the analysis as well as their recommendations (and the reasons for each recommendation). 



Okay, I always include a pros/cons section in my product reviews. So let’s get to it. 


  • Easy to order your kit online
  • Shipping is fast and FREE
  • Bristle provides detailed instructions for registering your kit and collecting your sample
  • Collecting your sample is incredibly simple
  • Bristle sends a prepaid postage envelope for you to send off your sample
  • Consistent communication and updates throughout the entire process
  • Detailed report sent straight to your device after analysis
  • Personalized diet, lifestyle, and product recommendations based on your results
  • One-on-one coaching call with an Oral Health specialist.
  • The test is backed by science using a research study from the University of Pacific School of Dentistry
  • Encryption used to store your data securely
  • Bristle tests are eligible for reimbursement by most FSA and HSA plans. 



  • An investment of nearly $200 is not always feasible for everyone
  • Recommended products will result in an additional cost


Is it Worth a Try?

In my opinion, this Oral Health Test kit is ABSOLUTELY worth a try. It is a very worthwhile investment in your health. Through this kit alone, you may discover health concerns that you knew nothing about! (I sure did). But the best part is, Bristle tells you the best ways to address those particular concerns.

I highly recommend giving it a try! You will thank yourself later. (If you can swing it, get a kit for everyone in your household).

How to Get Started

You can order your Bristle Oral Health Kit here. 

Improve Your Oral Health, Improve Your Overall Health

Using an oral microbiome test kit is the best way to identify the root cause of many symptoms including inflamed gums, chronic bad breath, tooth decay, receding gums, gut inflammation, and more!

If there is one thing you can take away from this entire article, I would like it to be this — good health starts with good oral health. Invest in your overall wellness.



How do you test for bacteria in your mouth?

You can use the Bristle Oral Health test to analyze your oral microbiome.

Is the oral microbiome important?

Yes! Your oral microbiome is a key factor in your overall health. You may be surprised to learn that many illnesses stem from poor oral health.

How can I improve my oral health?

I highly recommend trying the Bristle Oral Health Test kit. They will tell you exactly where you stand in your oral health and provide you with customized recommendations.

Is Bristle an oral microbiome test?

Bristle is an oral microbiome test that you can use at home.


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