Beyond Pink: Inspiring Blue Nursery Designs for Baby Girls

by Erika Robertson
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If you’re setting up a nursery at home, you have a lot of things to think about. In this article, we will discuss some popular blue nursery ideas for girls and other ways you can make your little girl’s nursery room uniquely non-pink.

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Why Not Pink?

There are many reasons not to choose pink for decorating a girl’s room.

  • Bright colors can feel too energetic.
  • Warm colors like yellow, orange, red, and pink can be stimulating to an infant.
  • Cooler colors, like green and blue, have been shown to work better for nurturing peace and tranquility.

According to color psychologists, soft shades of blue like turquoise, aqua, and powder blue foster feelings of relaxation and stability. Let’s concentrate on these colors and other shades of blue and examine how you might use them to create a nursery for your baby girl that is worthy of a magazine photoshoot.


Painted walls are easy to modify. A serene shade of blue is one choice that is efficient and practical. Don’t forget stripes, gradient bars, geometric patterns, and murals. You may hire an artist or DIY it to save money. Murals don’t have to be photorealistic and will likely be painted over in a few years, so let your imagination run wild and transform the room into whatever you want.

Wallpaper is less customizable and harder to DIY but delivers options similar to painted walls. You can find all shades of blue paper, patterns (like this beautiful lined wallpaper), scenery, fantasy artwork, and more.

blue floral wallpaper |
Floral Peel and Stick Wallpaper

blue butterfly wall decals |
Blue Butterfly Wall Decals

blue bear decals |
Blue Bear Decals

blue polka dot wall decals |
Blue Polka Dot Wall Decals

tree blowing wall decals |
Tree Blowing Wall Decals

Ceiling Over Crib And Wall Behind Crib

Your infant may observe the ceiling above the crib for some time, especially if they’re not rolling over yet, so some parents augment hanging mobiles and similar toys with painted stars or clouds on the ceiling. You can make or buy stencils with specific shapes and patterns. You can also use stickers and light projectors if you don’t want to paint.

The wall behind the crib is a focal point. You can enhance it with solid-colored artwork, posters, or wall hangings. Don’t hesitate to use a few ideas from the section above!

ocean animals crib mobile |
Ocean Animals Crib Mobile

glow in the dark ceiling stars |
Glow in the Dark Stars


Carpeted nursery rooms are quieter, but if your home has hardwood floors, carpeting may not be an option. Experiment with rugs and runners, using different shades, sizes, and shapes until the room feels complete. Make sure to use dark shades on light floors and light shades on dark floors for visibility.

Whale nursery rug |
Whale Nursery Rug

fluffy blue bedroom rug |
Fluffy Bedroom Rug

Product Features


The right selection of pale blue, grays, and whites can significantly enhance the appearance of the furniture, cabinets, doors, and trim in your nursery. The same color pallet is suitable for other children’s decor, like shelving, storage baskets, wall coverings, hanger dividers, and comforters.

If you choose to paint your furniture, make sure to remove the pulls, knobs, and hardware first. Even if you don’t paint, you may want to change the pulls or knobs to a child-safe design.

blue 4 in 1 convertible crib |
4-in-1 Convertible Crib

blue kids rocking chair |
Kids Rocking Chair

blue velvet rocking chair for nursery |
Velvet Rocking Chair

blue dresser |
3-Drawer Dresser

Removing Or Changing Drawer Pulls

To replace a drawer pull or cabinet handle, find the screws that secure it and remove them with a screwdriver. The pulls should come off but may be stuck, so don’t be surprised if you have to use a little force.

If the screw holes for your new pull do not match the old holes in the wood, you’ll have to drill new holes. Measure, drill, and check for fit, but don’t attach any pulls or hardware until you finish painting. Use painter’s putty or “fake wood” to fill the unused holes if necessary.


With dark blue walls, a lighter shade of blue or white for the nursery door may provide a pleasing accent, and a darker shade may look good on lighter walls, but everyone’s taste is different. Doors are easy to paint, so if you don’t like a color combination, you can always change it.

Treat door knobs like drawer pulls, and remove them before you paint, or change them if they have sharp corners, rattle, are loose, or are hard to clean.

Removing Or Changing Door Knobs

Removing and replacing interior door knobs is relatively easy. In most cases, you’ll need a screwdriver, a hammer, a pry bar, and possibly a set of Allen wrenches. Then do the following:

  • Unscrew the faceplate. Some knobs may have a set screw that accepts an Allen wrench or a small flat-blade or cross-head screwdriver. Loosen or remove this set screw, and the knobs and faceplate should come off, exposing the mechanism.
  • If painting the door, you can stop at this step. Replace the faceplate and knobs when you are finished painting.
  • If you are changing the knob/mechanism, remove the old mechanism now.
  • Install the new mechanism, aligning it with the strike plate on the door frame.
  • Tighten the screws and install the new faceplate and knobs.

It may help to remove the door at the hinges before you work on it.

Where Do I Find Blue Nursery Items For Girls?

Many places have blue infant accessories, but finding blue options that are gender-neutral or specifically for girls may require some hunting. Try the following places:

Traditional Sources – Amazon has many infant items available in any color, including blue. Other sources include Macy’s, Dillard’s, Sears, Nordstrom, Target, JCPenny, and Walmart.

eBay – eBay hosts private and corporate vendors. You can find used, new, and custom items for infant girls in all colors and styles. eBay can be a good option for some furnishings, especially if you are planning DIY customization or working on a budget.

Etsy – Use Etsy to find repurposed products, artisan creations, and things you won’t find anywhere else. Etsy vendors have many one-of-a-kind items. You may not find bargain prices, but many Etsy vendors will build to order or personalize their products, so don’t be afraid to contact sellers.

Confident And Calm

We all want our children to grow up healthy, happy, and confident. By creating a nurturing atmosphere that allows infants to develop naturally, we can give them the greatest opportunity to become well-rounded and well-balanced individuals. Using predominantly soothing colors like blue in your nursery may contribute to easier nap times and sounder sleep.

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