From Climbing Walls to Zip Lines: These are Some of the Best Outdoor Playsets for Older Kids

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As the kids get older, you’ll likely find that outdoor play starts to look a little different. Simple slides and swing sets may no longer be a great fit and the kids may need other ways to stay engaged.

Does this mean outdoor playsets just aren’t appropriate for older kids?

Well, not necessarily. You simply need to find the right ones, and we know this can be a challenge. That’s why we rounded up a few great options to help with your planning.

You can check out a few of the best outdoor playsets for older kids below.

older kids playing on zipline playset | Marc Dufresne from Getty Images Signature via
Photo credit: Marc Dufresne from Getty Images Signature via

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Climbing Walls

Climbing walls provide a great (and fun) challenge for older kids. These walls help in developing strength, coordination, and balance, while also encouraging risk-taking and problem-solving. As you search for climbing wall playsets, it is important to consider features such as sturdy construction, multiple climbing routes, and safety measures like non-slip surfaces and secure handholds. Here is a good climbing wall option for older kids:

triple climber climbing wall | Neoida via
Triple Climber Climbing Wall

Zip Lines

Zip lines can be so much fun for both kids and adults. If you have older kids who aren’t afraid of heights and would enjoy gliding from one point to another, zip lines are a must if you have a spacious yard. When choosing a zip line playset, consider factors such as the length of the zipline, weight capacity, and safety features like durable cables and comfortable handles. Here is one zip line option that may fit your needs:

zipline kit |
Product Name

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses can provide a full-body workout for kids. These courses help with developing agility, coordination, and problem-solving skills, while also encouraging teamwork and friendly competition. When choosing an obstacle course playset, consider features such as adjustable difficulty levels, diverse obstacles, and various safety features. The obstacle course below is a good one to start with:

ninja obstacle course |
Ninja Obstacle Course

Swing Sets

Swing sets that incorporate elements like climbing walls, monkey bars, and more, providing a more versatile and challenging play experience for older kids. When selecting a swing set for older kids, consider things such as the materials used, adjustable features, and additional play elements that cater to their specific interests like the options below:

cedar swing set |
Cedar Swing Set

cedar playhouse set |
Cedar Playhouse Set

Wrapping Up

Older kids can still enjoy outdoor play sets. You’ll just want to make sure the set includes elements that cater to their specific age group. Climbing walls, zip lines, obstacle courses, and non-traditional swings are all great options to consider.

Happy shopping!

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