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The Best Multivitamin for Kids in 2023

Last Updated on July 11, 2023

Kids can be picky, and that’s why a high-quality multivitamin could be a really great addition to their routine. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the best multivitamins on the market for kids of all ages. 

multivitamin for kids

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What is a Multivitamin and Who Needs It?

Multivitamin/mineral (MVM) supplements contain a combination of vitamins and minerals, and sometimes other ingredients as well. –National Institutes of Health 

These vitamins are designed to supplement our diet to help us adhere to the recommended dietary allowances. Sometimes, we aren’t getting all of the nutrients our bodies require from the foods we eat. And in this case, a multivitamin can fill in the gaps.

It is important that you consult with your physician to ensure that you are not getting too much or too little nutrients. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all situation. As a matter of fact, it is quite likely that everyone in your household may require different supplements for their unique needs.

In some cases, you may not really need a multivitamin. So as always, I highly recommend speaking to your doctor about the best pathway for you.  

My Personal Recommendation

If you have determined that your child could benefit from a high-quality children’s multivitamin, continue reading. 

We have been taking advantage of multivitamins in my household ever since I can remember. I recognize that we aren’t getting all the nutrients we need from our current diet. And while I often modify our diet to better fuel our bodies, it isn’t always enough.

That is why I personally decided to use a multivitamin for my kids. 

And I didn’t want to give them just any ol’ vitamin that claimed to support your immune system and help you achieve all of these key health goals. I wanted something that the kids would actually take and had the reviews and research behind it to support its claims.

So where did I end up?

I found myself adding this Kids Daily Essential Multivitamin to my cart. I chose it primarily because:

✅ They work with reputable scientific advisors to engineer the gummy vitamins.

✅ There are NO artificial dyes.

✅ These gummy vitamins are made using organic fruits and veggies.

✅ They contain 50-80% less sugar.

✅ You receive a refillable bottle for the vitamins. (Save the planet, heck yeah!)

These vitamins aren’t necessarily cheap. It was $32/bottle for a one-time purchase. I later decided to go with the $27/bottle Subscribe and Save option once I determined that these gummies were a good fit for my children. I do have 2 kids and they each have their own bottle, so yeah. I’m spending the big bucks here, but it is totally worth it.

I actually shared our experience with this particular multivitamin on my Instagram. You can check it out here

⭐ If you do decide to order First Day’s Kids Multivitamin, make sure you use code FDFAM to get 20% off your order.  ⭐

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UPDATE July 2023: Per Major League Mommy readers’ recommendations, we are currently trying Hiya multivitamins in our household. So far, my kids are not very pleased that Hiya’s vitamins are NOT gummies, but we’ll see if it grows on them.

Pediatrician Recommendations

Now that we’ve discussed my personal recommendation, I’d like to discuss what the pediatricians are recommending to help you make a decision.

I spoke with my girls’ pediatrician in regard to what multivitamins she typically recommends for the kids.

She explained that while there are many things she considers before making a recommendation, she does like the Smarty Pants Kids Multivitamin with Fiber as it is free of many common allergens such as milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nut allergens, fish allergens, shellfish, soy, gluten, and wheat. It is also free of artificial dyes and preservatives. This gummy multivitamin contains essential vitamins and minerals to aid in our children’s healthy development. She also said that her patients tend to like the taste of this multivitamin.

She also mentioned Mary Ruth’s Liquid Morning Multivitamin Essentials. This was my first time hearing about this particular brand. But it is also free of common allergens and comes in two flavors: strawberry and fruit punch. This one is great for older kids AND adults.

Lastly, she mentioned that if we can find a high-quality non-gummy multivitamin, that is the best way to go.

Again, always consult with your physician if you are not sure if a multivitamin will be beneficial to you. 



A multivitamin can be very useful, and we have had much success with the vitamins we currently use in my household.

I hope that this post helps you make an informed decision. Please feel free to drop any questions you may have about my personal recommendations mentioned above and I will do my best to answer.

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first day multivitamin
Pediatrician Recommended
First Day Kids Daily Essential Multivitamin

Price- $27-$32/bottle

Reader’s Choice
Hiya Kids Multivitamin

Kids Daily Multivitamin with a refillable glass bottle


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