How to Store and Protect Your Garden Hose for the Winter + Best Garden Hose Reels

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Protect your garden hose and reel from freezing temperatures this winter.

Low winter temperatures in northern climates can seriously damage your garden hose and threaten its longevity. The best way to ensure our garden tools are ready for spring is to keep them protected during the winter. Here are some tips for storing your garden hose when the temp drops, and some recommendations for the best garden hose reels for winter use.

garden hose in the winter

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Drain Your Hose

First things first, make sure there is no water left sitting in your hose. Obviously, any water left in the hose is at risk of freezing when the temperature drops. Frozen water inside your hose can cause the hose to expand and crack or burst. So make sure you remove the hose from the water source, take off the nozzle and drain the hose completely.


Gather Your Hose and Accessories

Once you have made sure all of the water is emptied from the hose, you can coil the hose on a high-quality hose reel to protect its body. I highly recommend checking out some of these best hose reels for the money! If necessary you can invest in a heavy-duty hose reel or commercial grade hose reel. You can then store your properly coiled garden hose and all of the accessories in your garage, shed, basement, or another safe place indoors. 


Enjoy Your Well-Cared-For Garden Hose in the Spring

Now that you have taken the time to properly store your garden hose for the winter, you can trust that it will perform as intended in the spring and summer!


What are some of your best tips for storing garden tools or selecting the best garden hose reels for the cold winter season? Please feel free to share in the comments!




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