5 Best Baby Monitors for Peace of Mind

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Baby monitors play a very important role in providing peace of mind to parents. They allow parents to keep a close eye on their little ones even when they are in a different room, which is honestly a huge deal.

But with a wide variety of baby monitors available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

No worries! Major League Mommy is here to help you out.

In this article, we will explore the best baby monitors for parents seeking peace of mind as their child rests in their own room.

So let’s get to it.

baby monitor and stuffed toys photo credit: jordi magrans via Canva.com
Photo credit: jordi magrans via Canva.com

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Factors to consider when choosing a baby monitor

Monitoring needs

Before purchasing a baby monitor, it is essential to consider your specific monitoring needs. Determine whether you need audio-only monitoring or video monitoring so you can see your baby. Some parents may also prefer features like two-way communication or lullaby playing options.


Baby monitors come in a wide variety of price ranges. It is crucial to set a budget and look for options that offer the best value for your money. Keep in mind that more expensive doesn’t always mean better, so consider the features and functionality that suit your unique needs.


Of course, not all baby monitors have the same features. And some may be better suited for your specific needs and preferences. Some essential features to look for include night vision, temperature sensors, motion detection, and remote pan and tilt. These features can enhance the overall monitoring experience and provide increased peace of mind to parents.


When choosing a baby monitor, it is also important to consider its safety features. One aspect to look for is the EMF (Electromagnetic Field) levels emitted by the device. You will want to opt for baby monitors with low EMF levels.

Best Baby Monitor for Different Needs

Infant Optics Digital Video Monitor DXR-8 Pro

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro Baby Monitor is a really great choice for parents who want a video monitor that comes with a variety of features. This baby monitor comes with a 5-inch color LCD screen that provides clear video footage of your baby. The monitor also filters out background noises such as air purifiers and white noise machines. Additionally, it has an interchangeable lens system that allows you to customize the camera’s focal length based on your needs.

Best for Versatility
Infant Optics Digital Video Monitor DXR-8 Pro

– High-quality video and audio
– No Wi-Fi or apps required
– Closed loop system so only YOU can see and hear your baby
– Range of up to 1,000 feet
– Interchangeable lens system for flexibility
– Sound-activated LED Bar
– Two-way talk
– Active Noise Reduction (ANR)

– Short battery life
– Thermometer often incorrect

Owlet Dream Duo 2 Smart Baby Monitor

For parents who value additional information about their baby’s well-being as they sleep in their room, the Owlet Dream Duo 2 Smart Baby Monitor is a worthwhile choice. This smart monitor tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level through a small sock-like device worn on their foot. The information is then displayed on your smartphone or the included base station. The Owlet Dream Duo 2 Smart Baby Monitor also has a high-resolution camera for video monitoring.

Best for Monitoring Sleep Quality
Owlet Dream Duo 2 Smart Baby Monitor

– Monitors baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels, and other sleep quality indicators
– Convenient smartphone app for monitoring
– High-resolution camera with night vision
– Notifications for unusual readings
– Can be purchased using HSA/FSA funds

– The sock device may be too bulky for some babies
– The app can occasionally experience connectivity issues
– Camera will only work with 2.4 GHz internet
– App only available for download in the US and Canada

VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor

The VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor is a budget-friendly option for parents who prioritize audio monitoring and aren’t really concerned about monitoring their baby through video. It features DECT 6.0 digital technology for improved sound quality.

Best Budget Baby Monitor
VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor

-Clear sound

-Short battery life
-Not many features

Moonybaby Split 50 Video Baby Monitor

The Moonybaby Split 50 Video Baby Monitor is the perfect option for parents with twins. It comes with two cameras that can be placed in separate rooms, allowing you to monitor both babies simultaneously on a split-screen display. The monitor also offers two-way audio communication and automatic night vision.

Best Baby Monitor for Twins
Moonybaby Split 50 Video Baby Monitor

– EMF Reduction technology
– Digital zoom
– Wide-angle camera
– Built-in lullabies 
– 2 way talk

-Short battery life

VTech VM819 Video Baby Monitor

The VTech VM819 Video Baby Monitor is a compact and portable option for parents who frequently travel. With its lightweight design and rechargeable battery, it allows you to easily monitor your baby while on the go. The monitor features a 2.8-inch and you can zoom up to 2 times.

Best Baby Monitor for Travel
VTech VM819 Video Baby Monitor

– Uses a secure internal 2.4GHz channel between the parent unit and the camera
– No wifi required
– Includes lullabies and 2-way talk
– 1,000 feet range

-Some users experience connection and/or screen issues

Wrapping Up

When choosing a baby monitor, it’s important to consider your specific needs and of course, your budget. We also encourage readers to prioritize features such as high video and audio quality, range, low EMF levels, and portability.

What are the features that matter most to you when shopping for the best baby monitor? Feel free to share in the comments!

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