Baketivity Baking Kits for Kids | Parent Review

by Briana Marie

My kids recently had the opportunity to try out Baketivity’s Baking Kits for Kids and after a few months of experiencing their baking subscription boxes, I figured now would be the perfect time to share our honest review.

I would like to mention that we did receive a 3-month Baketivity subscription in exchange for this review. But as always, you can trust that I am sharing my honest and totally unbiased opinion to help you determine whether or not their baking kits would be a good fit for your own children.

Baketivity kids baking kit

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Baking Kits We Received

  • Earth Compost Cookie 
  • Dirt Pie
  • Lemonade Cups


Baketivity Live Cooking Lessons

One thing we all really loved about Baketivity was the monthly live cooking lessons. My girls always held off on baking that month’s recipe so that they could follow along during the live lesson.

The live lessons were literally what they looked forward to the most. It is super interactive, and all of the kids who join seem to be having an absolute blast. The instructor is so patient and does a really fantastic job at keeping the kids engaged. They even do a raffle for a special prize during the live lesson (which adds to the excitement)!


What the Kids Had to Say

As you probably already assumed from my previous notes, my kids are absolutely loving Baketivity. Here are a few other things my kids have mentioned.

“I get so excited every time we get a new kit delivered!”

“I like that they send most of the ingredients we need in the kit, and the other stuff we need is usually stuff we always have at home already.”

“We get to try new recipes that we probably wouldn’t have even thought about making on our own.”

“I like the extra recipe cards they send in the kits. It gives me even more ideas for things to make.”

“I like the chef’s hat and apron they send.”

“I can’t wait until our next live cooking lesson!”


Mom’s Review

Okay, now that you’ve got to read the kids’ thoughts on the Baketivity Baking Subscription Box. It’s Mom’s turn. How do I feel about Baketivity personally?

I LOVE THE MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION BOXES! I think it is perfect for my girls (ages 7 and 10). They’re both interested in learning how to cook and trying new recipes. However, my husband and I don’t always have the time or energy to help them out with their baking exploration. Baketivity makes this process so much easier for us.

We haven’t yet had to go out and do any extra shopping for the girls to complete their monthly recipes. And thanks to the live lessons, we don’t even have to lead them through the baking process! Of course, we stay close by as they work through their live lessons because they sometimes need adult assistance.

But for the most part, Baketivity makes it all so simple for the little chefs in your home.

The kits start at around $30/box which I think is a fair value for what you receive. You don’t necessarily have to sign up for the subscription either. You can just order a single box if you so please.

They have all kinds of interesting baking kits. Some of the coolest ones I’ve seen them offer are the Unicorn cakes, Bug Cupcakes, LOL Surprise! Sugar Cookies, and the Face-Bake DIY Cookie Kit.

I will also say that each of the three kits we received turned out to be absolutely delicious recipes that (surprisingly) the whole family enjoyed! So that’s a major win.

By the way, Baketivity also sends out a weekly newsletter called the “The Weekly Kidchen” where they share some seriously useful “advice, tips, and tricks for kids in the kitchen.” I’ve been enjoying receiving those weekly emails.

Overall, I like what Baketivity is doing here. I think this is a really great thing for families with children interested in baking.


Does Baketivity Earn the Mom Stamp of Approval?

Baketivity absolutely earns the Mom Stamp of Approval from Major League Mommy. I love it. My husband loves it. And most importantly, the KIDS love it!



  • Briana Marie

    Briana Marie is a mental health and financial literacy advocate, and founder of Major League Mommy. In her spare time, Briana enjoys yoga, travel, and spending time with her Husband and two daughters.

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Lilly Walters Schermerhorn February 22, 2024 - 8:51 pm

Unlike what their website says, you cannot cancel your Baketivity subscription and get a refund for even partial on the balance of the months. I got a six month subscription. The first two months were not good, so we decided to cancel. Customer service person actually hung up on me.

majorleaguemommy February 22, 2024 - 9:57 pm

Oh no! This is actually really good to know as I never had to deal with their customer service reps. Thanks for sharing, and I’m sorry to see that you had a negative experience.


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