Baby Shower Theme Ideas That Are Too Cute to Ignore

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Hosting a baby shower is a great way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new bundle of joy. And with so many fun and creative baby shower theme ideas out there, it can be hard to choose the perfect one for your celebration.

But if you’re looking for something that’s both adorable and unique, then why not try one of these too-cute-to-ignore baby shower themes?

Let’s get creative and have fun with it!

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Super Cute Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Here are some of our favorite baby shower theme ideas that are sure to wow your guests and make your celebration unforgettable:

Woodland Creatures

Create a charming atmosphere with the help of woodland creatures like foxes, owls, and rabbits. Decorate with trees, mushrooms, and flowers to bring the outdoors inside. 

Nautical / Sailor

Ahoy, matey! Set sail with a nautical-inspired baby shower. Decorate with anchors, boats, and sailor hats. Serve up seafood dishes, and provide guests with sailor-themed favors.

Robot Takeover

Celebrate the future arrival with a fun robot-themed baby shower. Decorate with robots, gears, and electronics. Provide guests with robot-shaped cookies, and give out robot-themed favors.

Safari Adventure

Give your guests a chance to explore the wild with a safari-themed celebration for the mum-to-be’s new adventure.

Travel to the Tropics

Give your baby shower a tropical twist with palm trees, pineapples, and plenty of colors. Decorate with vivid colors like pink, yellow, and green, and use plenty of flowers for a truly tropical feel. You can even set up a “Tiki Bar” for guests to enjoy.

Classic Nursery Rhymes

If you’re looking for something classic and timeless, consider a nursery rhyme theme. Decorate with little animals, colorful blocks, and other nursery-rhyme-inspired decorations. For an extra special touch, you can even make a “Mother Goose” cake.

Garden Party

Dress up the baby shower with a garden party theme. Pull out the fun greenery and beautiful floral arrangements and encourage geusts to show up in their best garden party attire. This theme can be used for both indoor and outdoor baby showers.

All Around The World

You can also use a travel theme to create a unique baby shower. Decorate the room with maps, globe-shaped balloons, and other travel-inspired decorations. You can also serve a variety of foods with a global flair.

Barbie Girl

A barbie-themed baby shower is perfect to celebrate the incoming arrival of a beautiful baby girl. There are so many ideas for celebrations using the Barbie theme. You can seriously have a lot of fun with this one.

No matter what theme you choose, make sure the emphasis is on celebrating the birth of the child and honoring the mom (or both parents).

With these baby shower theme ideas, you can create an event that will definitely be memorable.

What are some of the most memorable baby shower themes you’ve seen? Feel free to share in the comments!



What is the best theme for a baby shower?

Choosing a theme for a baby shower is a matter of personal preference. However, some fun baby shower themes are:
Travel the World
Barbie Girl
Robot Takeover
Into the Woods
….and many more!

Do you need to have a baby shower theme?

You do not need to have a theme for a baby shower. This is just a fun optional addition to the festivities.

Does the hostess usually pay for the baby shower?

Yes, the hostess typically pays for the baby shower. However, these days, many people are choosing to split the cost of baby showers.

Are husbands supposed to come to baby showers?

Traditionally, men were not present at baby showers. However, these days, men are quite often in attendance! In many cases, the man is actually EXPECTED to be at the baby shower.


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