10 Exciting Baby Shower Games That Are Too Fun to Pass Up

by Briana Marie
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Are you planning a baby shower for a loved one and feeling overwhelmed with where to start? From decorations to food, there are endless details to consider. But one of the most important aspects of any baby shower is the games!

After all, who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?

So if you’re looking for some creative and entertaining game ideas that will keep your guests laughing and engaged all day long, Major League Mommy has got you covered!

We’ve compiled a list of 10 unique and fun baby shower games that are sure to make your celebration extra special. So, get ready for a great time, and let’s dive in!

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Baby Shower Bingo

One game that is always a hit at baby showers is Baby Shower Bingo. This game is easy to set up and can be customized to fit any theme or style.

Before the event, create bingo cards with words or phrases related to babies and parenthood, such as “diaper rash” or “midnight feedings.” (As a matter of fact, make your life easier and grab one of our Baby Shower Bingo Cards on Etsy).

During the shower, guests can mark off squares as the words or phrases are called out by the host. The first person to get a bingo wins a prize!

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Guess the Baby Food

One game that is sure to get your guests laughing is “Guess the Baby Food.” To play, purchase a variety of different baby food jars and remove the labels.

Then, number each jar and pass them around for guests to taste and guess the flavor. You can also make it a competition by giving a prize to the guest who correctly guesses the most flavors.

The Price is Right

Another fun game to add to your baby shower lineup is “The Price is Right.” This game is perfect for guests who are looking for a bit more of a challenge.

During the game, guests will have to guess the prices of common baby items like wipes and diapers. The guest who comes closest to the actual price without going over will win a prize. It’s a great way to test everyone’s knowledge while also providing some entertainment.

Name That Baby Song

One game that is sure to get everyone in a fun and musical mood is “Name That Baby Song.”

This game involves playing a clip of a popular baby-themed song, and guests have to guess the title and artist.

You can pick a range of songs from different eras and genres, like “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears or “Baby Shark” by Pinkfong. To make the game even more challenging, you could also play instrumental versions of songs and see if guests can guess the tune without any lyrics.

Diaper Derby

Diaper Derby is perfect for guests who love a little friendly competition, as it’s all about speed and precision.

Guests split into teams and race to see who can change a diaper the quickest. You can make it even more challenging by adding obstacles like blindfolds or one-handed diaper changing. Not only is this game entertaining, but it’s also a hilarious way to showcase the fast reflexes of your guests.

Guess the Due Date

As the baby shower continues, it’s time to bring out a classic game that never fails to engage guests.

The “Guess the Due Date” game is the perfect way to involve everyone in the special occasion, even those who may not be as familiar with the mom-to-be.

Guests can write down their guesses for when the baby will arrive on a piece of paper and drop it in a designated jar or basket. You can pick the winner who came closest to the due date at the end.

Pin the Pacifier on the Baby

Another highly entertaining game that will keep guests laughing and having a blast is “Pin the Pacifier on the Baby”.

In this game, a large poster of a baby is hung up on the wall, and guests are blindfolded before attempting to pin a pacifier onto the poster. The player who gets the pacifier closest to the baby’s mouth wins!

This game not only tests your aiming skills but also adds another fun element to the baby shower. It’s a silly and amusing activity that will have everyone cheering and competing for the win. Plus, it’s a great way to get everyone involved and interacting with each other.

Baby Shower Pictionary

Another fun game that is sure to have guests laughing is Baby Shower Pictionary. This activity is not only entertaining but also tests everyone’s artistic abilities.

To play, divide guests into two teams and provide each team with a notepad and pen. One team member must then draw a baby-related word or phrase (such as “diaper” or “baby bottle”) without speaking or using any numbers or letters.

The rest of the team must then try to guess what the word or phrase is within a set time limit. The team with the most correct guesses at the end of the game wins!

Baby Photo Guessing Game

Get ready to test your guessing skills with the Baby Photo Guessing Game! This game is a great way to get guests involved and interacting with each other.

Before the shower, ask each guest to provide a baby photo of themselves. Then, print out copies of each photo and set them up on a bulletin board or table.

Guests will have to guess who is who in each photo.

To make it a bit more challenging, you can mix up the order of the photos or even add in some photos of celebrity babies. This game is sure to bring out everyone’s competitive side!

Baby Name Race

The baby name race baby shower game is a fun and interactive way to involve guests in the process of choosing a name for the soon-to-be-born baby.

The game involves handing out sheets of paper with the letters of the alphabet listed vertically, and guests are instructed to come up with a baby name that starts with each letter. The guest who completes the sheet first wins a prize.

This game not only adds excitement to the baby shower, but it also helps the expectant parents generate ideas for their baby’s name.

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Wrapping Up

Hosting a baby shower can be a pretty big task, but hopefully, these game ideas make it a bit easier.

With these creative baby shower games, you’ll be able to keep your guests entertained all day long.

From Baby Shower Bingo to Baby Name Race, these games will surely bring laughter and fun to your celebration.

So, mix and match them, add your own unique touches, and let the good times roll. As the hostess with the most-est, you’ll be remembered for throwing the best baby shower ever!

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