Build the Ultimate Easter Basket for a Baby Using These Practical Tips

by Erika Robertson
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While many parents associate Easter baskets and the ever-popular Easter egg hunt with chocolates and candy, this definitely isn’t the right choice for infants up to one-year-old. At this age, it’s best to avoid a basket full of sweets. But what do you do when your smallest baby wants to feel like they’re participating in some way — or you just want memorable photos for the family album?

No worries! There are tons of fantastic baby Easter basket ideas that can help you include even an infant in the holiday fun. Here are a few of the best Easter basket essentials for babies that don’t include candy!

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Baby Easter Basket Ideas

Personalized Baby Gifts

From wooden blocks to pacifiers, personalized baby gifts are great baby Easter basket ideas because they give your little one something that’s truly theirs. While they may not understand now, as they grow up, they’ll start to cherish these personalized items and the memories they made with them.

These custom gifts are also ideal for parents with multiple children who never remember what belongs to whom or for little ones who spend a lot of time in a nursery with children from other families.

Personalized baby gift basket | LeoneBabyCo via
Personalized Gift Basket

Personalized night light | Craftalogue via
Personalized Night Light

My first easter sign | PebbleHillCustoms via
My First Easter Sign

Custom Embroidered Stuffed Rabbit | DreamPersonalizedUS via
Custom Embroidered Plush Rabbit


baby books sitting on table | Unsplash
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You want to start helping your baby with their mental development as soon as possible, so book boards are a good baby-appropriate choice for Easter baskets. These are cardboard books with colorful illustrations and simple stories that can capture your baby’s interest and help with their speech development. There are tons of themed books and even Easter options that can make a perfect fit for the holiday.

Personalized Children's Book | ISeeMeBooksUS via
Personalized Children’s Book

Caretaking Essentials

Not everything in their Easter basket needs to be about babies! Think about your needs when creating their basket, and include some caretaking essentials that make your life easier. Insulated cup straws, reusable snack bags, and new bibs are just some ideas that are for both you and your baby. You might even want to start planning for the future with walking shoes for your soon-to-be toddler!


Let your child join you in caring for others with a doll that makes them feel like mom or dad. The recommended dolls for this age are all soft and stuffed, so avoid hard plastic that can poke or injure them.

Plush toy dolls | LetsMakeMemoriesUS via
Personalized Plush Toy Doll

Handmade crochet dolls | Bebaeby via
Handmade Crochet Doll With Removable Clothes

Tropical and Beach-Themed Toys

baby playing with plush toys from basket | Unsplash
Photo credit: Yuri Shirota on Unsplash

If your little one already loves the beach or stories about the ocean, it might be time to cater to their interests with tropical toys. These may include everything from mermaid dolls and plastic buckets to sea turtle plushies and beach-themed bags.

You might even find that some of these are essentials for you too, as you head down to the water for a family outing!


There are plenty of safe, non-toxic playdough options that can keep your baby occupied and make a minimal mess for hours. Bright colors and highly tactile flexibility make this an attention-grabbing option that babies and infants can’t resist. They can also work on developing their hand and arm muscles during playtime by squeezing and pressing the dough into different shapes.

Bubble Bath

bubble bath with bath toys floating in water | Unsplash
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It’s no secret that babies LOVE bubbles! While you can get bubble toys or an automated bubble machine, a bubble bath is an even better choice. With a bubble bath, you get more intimate bonding time with your baby, and they get bath time that’s full of fun and wonder. With all the non-toxic and hypoallergenic options out there, you can find a bubble bath product that’s soft and gentle on their skin.

Bath Toys

Hand in hand with a bubble bath come bath toys. Your baby may love popping the bubbles for a little while, but how do you keep them interested for a little bit longer so you can wash their hair and clean behind the ears? With bath toys, like colorful boats and duckies, you can add new items as their interest starts to wane to ensure everyone can make it to the end of bath time with a smile on their face.

Mom tip: make sure you get non-toxic bath toys because babies will definitely be putting them in their mouths!

non toxic bath toys | BannorToys via
Bath Buddies

Art Supplies

It’s not too hard to figure out which age-appropriate art supplies would make a good choice here. Paper (like our FREE Easter coloring sheets), chunky non-toxic crayons, and non-toxic finger paint are a must-have.

Tummy Toys

2 babies enjoying tummy time | Unsplash
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For babies, tummy time is incredibly important for good muscle and posture development. While a simple mat is a great start, you’ll want to look for toys that offer interesting activities just above eye level that force your baby to turn their head up. Many tummy toys offer activities for multiple levels, so as they advance, you can keep using the same toy to keep your little one interested and develop those essential neck muscles.

You’ll also want to look for toys that are machine washable and have extra features, like music, light bars, detachable pieces, tactile features, and optional seated support.

Making Memories with Your Little One

While babies won’t always understand or appreciate what’s going on during the holidays, it’s always a good idea to fully incorporate them into the event so you can create those precious memories for them to see when they grow up. Once your basket is complete, don’t forget to take lots of photos of them with the basket and with each of their new toys. There’s no doubt that these will be photobook favorites in the future!

And if you’re looking for more advice about the best holiday-themed essentials for babies, don’t forget to check out our other holiday gift guides!

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