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Airborne Elderberry Immune Support Gummies Review

by Briana Marie
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My family of four has been taking Airborne Elderberry Immune Support Gummies for a few months now, and today I will be sharing our experience.

If you are wondering…

Do Airborne Elderberry gummies actually work?

Are there any side effects?

How much do they cost?

I will answer all of these questions and more in today’s post.

airborne elderberry immune support

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About Airborne Elderberry Gummies

Airborne Elderberry Immune Support Gummies offer both immune support and antioxidant support. It contains:

✅ Vitamin C – an essential vitamin for antioxidant and immune health

✅ Vitamin D- an essential vitamin for bone health and regulation of other cellular functions

✅ Vitamin E- an essential vitamin that has antioxidant properties and supports the health of your blood, brain, skin, reproduction, vision, and more!

✅ Zinc- an essential vitamin that helps support your immune system and metabolism

✅ Elderberry Powder Complex

These elderberry gummies do NOT contain any of the following:

❌ Gluten

❌ Gelatin

❌ Artificial sweeteners

❌ Artificial Dyes

FUN FACT: The original Airborne recipe was created by a teacher about 20 years ago.

These gummies are crafted for adults and children over the age of 4. Airborne does recommend, however, consulting with your child’s pediatrician before implementing any dietary supplements.

You can get your hands on a bottle of Airborne Elderberry gummies for as low as $11.98/bottle if purchased as part of a 5-pack bundle. A single bottle of 50 gummies will cost $12.97. If you decide after trying your first bottle of Elderberry gummies that it is worth the purchase, I highly recommend ordering the 5-pack bundle on their website. You’ll save some money by doing so.

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Side Effects

I was unable to find any side effects of the gummies on the Airborne website. I also do not see any listed on the bottle. However, I do recommend checking out these side effects of liquid Elderberry just as a general guide.

When my family and I first tried an elderberry supplement, it was in a liquid form and we all ended up with some weird rash. While I’m not 100% sure that the rash came from the Elderberry oral liquid, we discontinued it anyway and never looked back. (Better safe than sorry).

However, when we took a chance on these Elderberry gummies we had no negative side effects at all. We all reacted to this supplement quite well.


Our Personal Experience

As I mentioned previously, my family and I experienced NO negative side effects from Airborne Elderberry Gummies. As a matter of fact, we enjoy them quite a bit!

They are so tasty and easy on our digestive systems. We really wish we could take more than the 2 recommended gummies a day because they are literally so yummy.  But it’s worth mentioning that it is not the only method we are using to support our immune systems. We do still emphasize hygiene, diet, exercise, and sleep as great ways to keep our overall health in check.

But I have personally recommended this product to several other people.

Where to Buy

I have seen these gummies at my local pharmacies and honestly, it’s a much better deal to just purchase this product straight from the website. If you really want to try these gummies and save some coins in the process, just go on their website and place an order. Shipping is FREE and they also regularly have special offers so you can save even more.

✨ Insider Tip: You can actually use code DIVALADIISAVE to save 15% on your order! ✨


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