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A Fantastic Book that Effectively Teaches Inclusion

"Stewie BOOM! And Princess Penelope" is a really great book for the entire family to read on the subject of inclusion among children.

My 8 year old brother has Down’s Syndrome, and my little cousin has autism. Both of my daughters are very loving and friendly children, and like to include everyone during play time regardless of their differences. We have found many challenges in doing so when it comes to including children who require certain accommodations in their group play. I believe it is important for children to understand early on that we are all unique individuals with a unique set of preferences. With that being said, I regularly remind my children to be respectful of everyone, and be flexible during play time. As we continually work on improving in this area, I have sought the assistance of fun books that really help to drive home this point. During my search I have stumbled across one particular book that we absolutely love. Keep reading to learn more about a Fantastic Book that Effectively Teaches Inclusion.

"Stewie BOOM! And Princess Penelope" is a really great book for the entire family to read on the subject of inclusion among children.

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 Stewie BOOM! and Princess Penelope: Handprints, Snowflakes and Playdates has been a really enjoyable read for my family. In this book, main characters Penelope and Eric, give families some really great ideas on how to encourage acceptance of, and support, neurodiversity. Through this text, children can come to understand that not all brains are the same. We are all unique individuals, with different brain makeups. It is not something to fear. It is not something that is bad. As a matter of fact, it is a beautiful part of life that should be embraced!

 Stewie BOOM! shows us the different ways we can incorporate each of our unique preferences in group play. It teaches individuals of all ages the importance of flexibility. For this reason, I highly recommend that all parents read this book to their children. I also encourage teachers to introduce this book in their classrooms. It is truly a really great read.

It also includes a few really awesome resources and tips at the back of the book to use at home. I was super excited when I found these little gems at the end of the story. We have already started using the “Friendship Goals” checklist, and the accompanying Friendship award certificate included in the book. I definitely give  Stewie BOOM! and Princess Penelope: Handprints, Snowflakes and Playdates 5 stars!

I have found that this book has really helped us out a lot as my girls continue to learn more about inclusion. I encourage you to check it out. You can find it on Amazon at the link below.

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