Having a baby is one of the most awe inspiring miracles in the world. However, it can also mean huge changes. Babies are up all hours of the night, and your life will need to revolve around them! Not only is it a change in lifestyle, you might even notice a change in yourself. Your hormones may be out of whack during this time, so even though you might feel on cloud 9 some of the time with your amazing newborn baby, you might also feel a range of other confusing emotions. This is nothing to be ashamed of – this happens to all mothers!

Here are some things you can do to feel like yourself again after having a baby

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Many new mothers will wonder when they will begin to feel like ‘themselves’ again. However, those who have more than one child will tell you; you don’t feel like the old you again. This doesn’t mean you won’t feel better, and that you’re doomed to feel like an emotional mess forever. It just means that you’ll become a different version of yourself. A version of yourself that prefers early nights to late ones, the you who prefers a couple of casual drinks over binge drinking. You may even prefer days out with the kids over pretty much anything else at all.


You may still be interested in learning about a few things you can do to feel more human after having a baby. Read on, because there are 7 suggestions here for you that could really help:

Here's how to feel  like yourself again after having a baby



  1. Consider Wrapping Your Tummy

This is a tip for C-section moms who want to feel stronger and more supported. There are videos online that can help you to create a postpartum belly wrap to compress your midsection safely. This should help you to feel more safe and secure as you go about your day to day life – although it might not feel great for everybody. For some it’s very comforting, although for others it could potentially feel too restrictive.


  1. Moisturising/Bronzing

Many new moms report feeling healthier with a little false tanner. It might sound vain and like a silly suggestion, but something as small as applying a tanning lotion (not doing anything crazy like getting on a tanning bed) can potentially be a huge help to boost your confidence. Applying this quickly after a shower a few times a week can help you to feel better if you like a glow.


  1. Wear The Right Clothes

Wearing clothes that make you feel good after a baby is important. This doesn’t mean covering up in baggy clothes trying to hide your post-baby body, either. However, many new moms like to wear a lot of black. This is because it’s super flattering, and if you spill something, it can be wiped up fast! Wearing black can even look modern and edgy rather than boring. All you have to do is incorporate a bit of texture to make it work. That being said, if you usually like wearing pretty colors and patterns, then wear them. Wearing clothes you like will make you feel better, whatever your hormones may be doing. Oh, and don’t forget to focus on your underwear, either. This helps after birth, especially if you’re suffering from things like incontinence (totally normal). The right underwear can work wonders for you.


Don’t worry about fitting into some of your favorite, tight fitting outfits too soon after having a baby. It took time for your body to grow to accommodate your baby, so take your time. As long as you have a balanced attitude, savor healthy foods and try to stay active (after speaking to a doctor or getting the OK from a midwife) then you’ll be fine. Your body has done something amazing, so don’t try to change it too fast!


  1. Try Wearing The Makeup Basics

New moms don’t have time to apply a full face. However, it won’t hurt to apply a few basics if you’re going somewhere. Try a light BB cream or foundation, a brow mascara, lash mascara, and a swipe of lip gloss if you want a super quick routine. Don’t be afraid to make dry shampoo a regular part of your routine, either, as it’s a godsend when you don’t want to wash your hair!


  1. Revv Up Your Energy and Health

Sleep deprivation and caring for your baby in the day are just two things you have to contend with now. It can be tough to feel like you have energy to do anything at all. What can you do? Try gentle exercise, like stretching, or going for a walk when the sun is out. Yoga can be great for health and wellbeing, and it can be very gentle, too. Even just 10 minutes can make a big difference to how you feel. If you can find a little time to bulk cook some meals and freeze them so you always have something to grab when you need it, that can help too. You won’t be so quick to order take out or grab junk food. However, if you do order takeout, don’t beat yourself up. It’s far better than not eating anything at all!

Newborn baby



  1. Take A Hot Shower or Bath

Most people don’t give the fact that they have hot, running water a second thought. This truly is a blessing that we should appreciate more! It can be hard to find the time for self care like this after having a baby, so don’t be afraid to ask somebody to take over.


  1. Enjoy A Hot Drink (Caffeine Recommended)

Sleep deprivation isn’t nice, and there isn’t much you can do to help it. Caffeine can give you a boost when you need it most, even if it doesn’t make you feel like you’ve had the restorative sleep you deserve. A small amount of caffeine each day doesn’t affect breastfeeding, so a morning cup of coffee is fine.


Above all, make sure you enjoy this time in your life – your baby won’t stay small forever!

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