I know I am not the only Momma who gets tired of seeing all the judgment being passed on social media regarding Mothers’ parenting skills. Somehow social networking platforms have turned everyone into a parenting expert, and it is seriously annoying. Have you ever posted a family picture on the internet, and had a stream of comments from the Mom Police pointing out every single thing you have done wrong? Or have you posted a status about your children and had your parenting skills questioned in the comments? Isn’t it annoying!? No one is perfect, and parenting is most certainly one of the most difficult jobs in existence. We all have areas that we can improve on. So, let’s have a little fun with this. According to the Mom Police, here are 6 Things I Do That Make Me a Bad Mom. 

According to the media's Mom Police these are 6 things I do that make me a Bad Mom

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I Swear in Front of My Kids

I swear in front of my kids, so I guess I'm a bad Mom according to the Mom Police

Yep. I am what I call a “Classy Sailor.” I can present well, but I do have a potty mouth at times. Curse words are certainly not a foreign language to my children, but they are aware that those qualify as “Bad words.” And kids absolutely cannot under any circumstance use bad words. 😉  But yeah, yeah I know. I need to set a better example, etc. Hey, maybe in the future I will stop swearing, but this does rank very low on my list of priorities as of right now.

I Yell at My Kids

Yep. I'm a Screamer. This Momma will admit...I yell at my kids

My Dad actually used to fuss at me about this as well, but I do yell at my kids. And to be quite honest, my kids’ track record leads me to believe that they may be hearing impaired and can only hear me if I actually do yell. (Of course their hearing tests negate this idea). I do agree that it can make their nerves bad, but my 3 year old jumping from the back of the couch makes my nerves bad, so… we’re even.


I Threaten to Not Take Them to the Hospital if They Get Hurt

6 things I do that make me a Bad Mom

When my girls are running around like a bunch of wild animals, I like to hit them with this threat “If you get hurt, I am not taking you to the hospital. So you better think twice about what you are doing.” Of course this scares my kids into thinking that I would literally let them bleed to death or walk around with a protruding bone if they get hurt. Is it kind of mean? Eh, I suppose. But it does get them to calm down at least temporarily. Now, if one of my children actually did require medical attention, I would be upset, but I would definitely make sure they got whatever they needed.

I Make them Pay for Wasted Food and Damaged Items with THEIR Own Money

I make my kids pay for things they have damaged with their own money

Why should I continue to foot the bill for things that my children have damaged or wasted when they have their own little pot of money saved up? They need to learn early on to be accountable for their actions. I know a few people that were shocked when they learned that I have my children reimburse me for food they wasted, or for items they have damaged. Welp. I don’t see that changing, so….

I Don’t Force Them to Eat Their Food

I don't force my kids to eat their food

If you don’t want to eat, fine. Remove yourself from the table. When you get hungry enough, I am sure you will change your mind, and eat whatever it is I prepared for you. I provide the resources, it is ultimately up to you to take advantage of it.

I Don’t Make My Kids Share

I don't make my kids share

My rule is: if you don’t want to share a toy, don’t pull it out in front of all the other kids. I encourage my kids to be friendly and kind, but what belongs to you, belongs to you, and you have control over who gets to use it. Also, I let them know that they can’t expect for others to share with them if they don’t want to share with others. My girls are actually pretty good with sharing, and being fair, however.


Do I Do ANYTHING Right???

Yes, there are things I do that people don’t agree with. But let’s not overlook the many things I do GREAT as a Mom….

  1. I teach my kids to be kind and respectful to everyone
  2. I block out my schedule to regularly engage in family time activities
  3. I teach my children step by step about personal hygiene
  4. I listen, and respond accordingly.
  5. I shower my children with kisses and hugs and “I Love You”s on a regular basis.
  6. I read them a story at bedtime.
  7. I volunteer to help at their schools on a regular basis.
  8. I make sure we stay on top of all of their doctor and dentist appointments.
  9. We exercise together.
  10. I reward them for their accomplishments.
  11. I helped my 6 year old start her own business like she wanted.
  12. I set up a fund to help them save for college.
  13. I let them pick out their own outfits for the day (as long as it is appropriate for the weather)
  14. We travel together so they can see that there’s more to life than just our own little world.
  15. I teach them the importance of gratitude, and even have a daily gratitude practice.

Anddddd… the list goes on and on…..

So, you see…. sure I may let my kids watch scary movies and eat a little too much candy on Halloween, but does that make me a bad parent? Absolutely not. My primary focus is making sure that my girls are healthy, safe, comfortable, and loved, and they are all of those things. So, don’t believe the hype. There will always be people out there that disagree with your method of parenting. Do what is best for you and your family. Everyone’s experience is unique. The comparisons and ridiculous Mom-shaming has to stop.





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  • Briana Marie is a mental health and financial literacy advocate, and founder of Major League Mommy. In her spare time, Briana enjoys yoga, travel, and spending time with her Husband and two daughters.

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