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The new year represents a fresh start for many of us.

It is a chance to reflect on all that occurred in the past year and look forward to new learning opportunities and successes in the future.

While many of us were desperately looking forward to the end of 2020, many have also learned that 2021 has come equipped with its own set of challenges.

And that is okay.

As the quote above reads, “Yesterday’s burdens are today’s opportunities.”

And Dancing & Life recognizes the importance of turning turmoil and crisis into opportunity. With their 30 Day New Year New You Challenge, we can reset and get in touch with that light within ourselves.

We can move towards positive change.

I hope that you will follow along throughout the duration of this challenge. And I encourage you to complete each daily task as well and tag @majorleaguemommy on Instagram for a chance to win 3 months of coaching with Saje Flow (a $30,000 value). This post will be updated daily throughout the challenge so you can always check back each day for the latest task.


Day 1

Share your experience in spinning the gratitude wheel. Draw a big circle on a piece of paper; divide it into 4 sections; in each section write what brings you joy; spin a pen and share your experience with whatever joy it lands on.

Day 2

Share a video or photo of you catching an imaginary curveball, defending yourself with a warrior scream.

Day 3

Share a video of yourself doing power moves to “I’m a Survivor” by Destiny’s Child or to any other powerful upbeat song. See what people say about how you’re surviving.

Day 4

Share your wish for the year, and tag two other friends in your picture.

Day 5

Post a short video where you dance with positivity to a song that’s trending.

Day 6

Share your biggest challenge of 2020 and what you want to change in 2021. Then share one thing you’ve learned during the past week — and tag a friend who needs to hear about it

Day 7

Share a video of you pulling an imaginary sword from your sheath and hold it up high — pretending you are cutting the ties with the pain that holds you back

Day 8

Share your biggest challenge of 2020 and what you want to change in 2021. Then share one thing you’ve learned during the past week — and tag a friend who needs to hear about it.

UPDATE: We’re a little over a week into the challenge at this point. Now is a good time to reflect. Have you had any wins that you’d like to share? Feel free to leave it in the comments! You can also tag me on Instagram @majorleaguemommy sharing your experience with the challenge.

I’ve been having a lot of fun doing each activity, and have even got my husband and kids in on it a few of the days. I’ll admit, there were a couple of days where I had to play catch-up but that is okay! I know we’re all busy. No biggie. Just dive back in as soon as you can. Even if you can just set aside 10 minutes a day for yourself, that is better than nothing at all. 🙂



Day 9

Share a video or photo of your breathing techniques to get rid of tension — and tell us how you feel.

Day 10

Take a video of yourself flipping a coin and deciding on doing something you’re not sure about — heads for option A, tails for option B. Flip the coin and tell us your decision.

Day 11

Share a brief video of you WINNING and singing “All I Do Is Win Win Win No Matter What” — or any winning song.

Day 12

Post a short video where you dance without music for 7-10 seconds.

Day 13

Post a picture or video of yourself walking in the fresh air or giving yourself a self-affirming talk.

Day 14

Share a picture or video of yourself making a virtual ski run with a victory dance. Celebrate your win!

Day 15

Write down an outcome — such as what you hope to achieve at the end of this 30-day program. Then proclaim it by flipping your hair. If your hair is short or you don’t have hair, just do an imaginary hair flip!

UPDATE: I would love for you all to share your wins with me throughout this challenge. Please feel free to submit a video sharing your experience so far with this challenge for a chance to win up to 3 months of coaching with Saje Flow. You can also tag @majorleaguemommy in your social posts showing you completing the day’s task.

Just as a reminder, I am following the challenge right along with you. I have days where I may not get around to completing a task. Some days I have had to double-up (or even triple-up) on activities to catch up. Again, that is okay. Do what you can when you can. This challenge isn’t supposed to be stressful. This is your opportunity to reconnect your mind, body, and spirit to create positive change in your life. Have fun with it. You don’t have to be so serious. 🙂


Day 16

Write down your outcome for the next 30 days, and why you must do this for yourself. Take a picture of the outcome and share it publicly.

Day 17

Draw a pyramid on a piece of paper and above it write your goal. Inside the pyramid, write out 3 actionable steps. Take a photo of this and post it.

Day 18

Share a brief video of you “raising the roof” and proclaiming to the world one thing you’ve learned this week or that you achieved today.

Day 19

Post a video of yourself being happy! Dancing, singing, celebrating your life! Tell us why you’re happy and share it!

Day 20

Post a video of yourself giving yourself the biggest hug, smiling your biggest smile.

Day 21

Share a video of you massaging your head for 15 seconds or so to a soothing song — classical or pop, your choice — it’s a chill-out head massage.

UPDATE: We have just a little over a week left in the challenge, and I hope you all have been enjoying the daily tasks. Please feel free to share your success stories here, for a chance to win 1 of 3 special prizes. In order to win, you must be present for the Wrap Up Live stream on February 11th, 2021 to claim your prize. ALL Storytellers who are present on the Live stream will receive 1 hour of free coaching from Saje Flow!

You can follow me on Instagram @majorleaguemommy, to follow my journey and experience with the challenge. I am still hanging in there right along with you all, and I am so proud of all of you who have taken this time out to give back to yourself.



Day 22

Share a video of yourself holding a victory pose, and saying how you will succeed this year.

Day 23

Post a video or photo of yourself doing something uncomfortable like taking a cold shower for 10 seconds — and celebrating your win.

Day 24

Film yourself asking yourself the one thing great you did this week. Share it and shout yes.

Day 25

Share a video or photo of yourself assuming a winning pose, whatever you feel makes you look like a winner — and shout out why you’re doing so well.

Day 26

Share a video of yourself looking into the mirror when you wake up in the morning, and saying, “Thank You and I love you.”

Day 27

Share a video of your “me time.” Go somewhere into nature (a beach, a park, your backyard). Sit in silence for 5 minutes (phones off). Write down on pen and paper what came up for you and let us know.

Day 28

Toss the gratitude ball. Share a video of you saying what you’re grateful for, packing your gratitude into an imaginary ball in your hands, and sending it to the sky. Release your gratitude.

Day 29

Share your success. Post one thing you’ve succeeded at during this 30 day challenge! Share why this has been so important. Tag two friends.

Day 30

Film yourself striking a powerful pose to congratulate yourself on completing the 30-Day Challenge. Shout “Yay!”


It’s wonderful that you’ve developed healthy routines in pursuing your goal. Routines are the best ways to move ahead with purpose. I’m so glad you know you that you can turn what you’ve learned into good habits to keep the momentum going. What are the good habits and routines you’re developing?

How do you feel after 30 days? Make sure you click the link below to share your success stories for a chance to win a special prize! Thank you for participating. 


  • Briana Marie is a mental health and financial literacy advocate, and founder of Major League Mommy. In her spare time, Briana enjoys yoga, travel, and spending time with her Husband and two daughters.

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