12 Ways Your Child Can Make Money This Summer

The kids can pitch in with some of those summer expenses using one of these ideas to make money this summer
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Summer break is right around the corner, and we all know how expensive that can be for us parents. From child care costs to an increase in the grocery bill, summer break has proven to be the perfect opportunity to cough up some extra coins. However, it is also a great opportunity to snatch up some extra coins. The kiddos can build their savings, and help out with some of the summer expenses by earning an income for themselves. If you are wondering how to make this happen, check out this list of 12 Ways Your Child Can Make Money This Summer.

The kids can pitch in with some of those summer expenses using one of these ideas to make money this summer

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1. Babysitting

Many parents are looking for babysitters throughout the summer. For older kids, this work can be quite lucrative. Simply post an ad, or share your child’s services with your network to get started.

2. Start your own business

My 6 year old currently runs her own candy bouquet business, and she is really able to accomplish a lot during summer break as she has a bit more free time. If your child has a special skill or talent, look into how they can turn it into a part time business for the summer.

3. Sell your old stuff

Parents… you will definitely appreciate this. Not only do you get to de-clutter, but your child can make some extra money in the process.

4. Recycle

Children can collect plastic bottles to recycle at their local grocery store. If they want to take this a step up, they can actually offer a recycling service to friends and family members who do not have a recycle bin pickup service in their neighborhood.

5. Start an Ice Cream or Float Stand

Yum! Instead of the traditional lemonade stand, children can sell scoops of ice cream or even yummy floats. For just a few bucks, they can get this stand up and running, and the payout can be pretty nice.

6. Wash Cars

Washing cars can actually be pretty fun for kids. What’s even better is that they can make money doing it.

7. Walk Dogs

There are many people actively looking for someone to walk their dogs for them. This is another really great business idea for the older children.

8. Be a Mom Assistant

Know a Mom who could use an extra bit of help during the day? Is your child the perfect little helper? If so, they may want to consider becoming a Mom Assistant for the summer.

9. Become a Coach’s Assistant

If your little athlete likes to lead other children in a particular sport, they may enjoy being a Coach’s Assistant part time over the summer.

10. Water Plants

Help a neighbor keep their garden intact by offering a plant watering service. This can be a simple way to earn a few extra dollars each week.

11. Social Media Management

If you have a child that is a social media guru, they may want to consider managing social media accounts for small businesses for a few extra bucks over the summer.

12. Sell Glow Toys at Fourth of July Events

This is a fun way for children to use the holidays as an opportunity to rake in some cash. Purchase a few inexpensive glow toys in bulk and sell them at Fourth of July events.

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