Adorable 1-Month-Old Baby Photoshoot Ideas to Use at Home

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As parents, we love to acknowledge our baby’s milestones. Among the many wonderful milestones in a baby’s life, the 1-month mark holds a special place. In just a month’s time, you will see so much change in your baby’s growth and development and it is truly remarkable. These special moments are certainly worth capturing and one way to do that is through monthly milestone photoshoots.

The great news is, you don’t even need to hire a professional photographer for these photoshoots. You can set up your own DIY baby photoshoot right in the comfort of your own home using these DIY baby photoshoot ideas.

Now let’s get to the good stuff.

1 month baby girl photoshoot | Najam Amjad from Pexels via
Photo credit: Najam Amjad from Pexels via

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Creative Baby Photoshoot Ideas and Themes

The first step in planning baby milestone photos is choosing a theme, and creativity knows no bounds when it comes to your baby’s monthly milestone photo. Utilizing blankets and creative props, you can transform your living space into your very own photo studio capturing beautiful images that can be used in tailor-made photobooks or other keepsakes. There are seriously so many creative monthly baby photo ideas out there and we are sharing a few of those adorable ideas below.

Here are some creative and adorable themes to consider for your baby’s photoshoot:

Whimsical Garden

This is a popular theme that is commonly used in monthly baby pictures. Transform your backyard into a whimsical garden by adding colorful flowers, pretty props, and a vintage-inspired setup. Use soft pastel hues and floral arrangements or even floral numbers to really create that dreamy atmosphere. You can place the baby in a bed of fake flower petals or even floral blankets.

Little Prince or Princess

Dress your little one in a royal-inspired outfit and set the stage with a small throne adorned with luxurious fabrics (a soft blanket in elegant colors is quite enough) and regal props. Add some crown and scepter accessories for an extra touch of elegance for your baby boy or baby girl.

Superhero Adventure

Let your baby showcase their inner superhero by creating a themed photoshoot inspired by your favorite hero. Use superhero costumes, comic book props, and colorful backdrops to depict an action-packed adventure.

Vintage Toys

Bring back the nostalgia of yesteryears by incorporating vintage toys into the photoshoot. Use antique dolls or a teddy bear, wooden rocking horses, and retro props with a vintage backdrop to create a timeless and charming setting. You could even add a vintage filter over your photos to really solidify the theme.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Create a travel-themed photoshoot by incorporating elements from different countries and cultures. Use world maps, suitcases, and travel-themed props to symbolize the exciting journey your little one will embark on.

Floral Fairytale

Embrace the enchantment of a floral fairytale theme by adding a touch of magic to your baby’s photoshoot. Use floral garlands, fairy wings, and other easy props to create a whimsical storybook atmosphere. You can even use copies of your favorite fairytale books in your setup.

Rainbow Delight

Incorporate the vibrant colors of the rainbow in your baby’s photoshoot. Use colorful balloons, streamers, and props to bring this fun idea to life.

Cozy Home

Showcase the warmth and comfort of home by creating a cozy-themed photoshoot. Use soft blankets, teddy bears, and warm-toned props to capture the intimate and heartwarming moments of your baby.

Practical Tips for a Successful Photoshoot

For a successful photo shoot, here are some tips to ensure a smooth experience as you capture these precious moments:


Take advantage of natural lighting as much as possible. For the best lighting, position baby near windows or in well-lit areas of the house to achieve soft and flattering lighting conditions. Avoid harsh direct sunlight, as it can cast unflattering shadows.


Choose a time of day when the baby is usually most content and alert so you can get that perfect shot that shows your baby’s personality. This could be after a nap or a feeding session. A calm and content baby will allow for a more enjoyable and fruitful photoshoot experience. You can also capture some of those happy and silly facial expressions to create the perfect picture.

Comfort and Safety are Key

Prioritize the baby’s safety and comfort throughout the session. Ensure the space is warm enough, use comfortable and safe props and blankets, and be mindful of their feeding and napping schedule. A happy and comfortable baby will make this process so much easier.

Additional Photography Tips for Parents

While professional equipment can significantly enhance photography outcomes, parents can capture the perfect milestone picture even with a basic camera or smartphone. Here are some more simple tips to help parents snap the best possible photos:

1. Get Down to Their Level: To capture the most engaging and intimate shots, get down to the baby’s eye level. This perspective allows for a more personal connection in the photographs and can better capture baby’s face.

2. Genuine Expressions and Interactions: Focus on capturing the baby’s genuine facial expressions and interactions with family members. Candid shots are actually some of the best shots.

3. Simple and Sweet: Don’t be afraid to keep it simple. Minimalist photoshoots can be absolutely charming. By using a soft white backdrop and a few carefully chosen props, parents can create a timeless and elegant setting that showcases the innocent beauty of their little one. The simplicity of this approach allows the focus to remain entirely on the baby.

4. Incorporating Props: Adding personal touches to the photoshoot can elevate the experience to another level. Simple props such as the baby’s favorite toys, a calendar marking their birth month, or even a whimsical washing line adorned with their tiny clothing can add a touch of personality and storytelling to the photos.

5. Family Involvement: Involving family members and even pets in the photo shoot can create special moments that perfectly capture those feelings of togetherness. Siblings, parents, and pets can all join in.

Wrapping Up

Professional newborn photographers can be great, but they can also get quite costly. And we know how important it is to capture all those changes in your little bundle of joy during their first months of life.

Additionally, convenience, comfort, and the ability to infuse personal touches into the setting are just a few more compelling reasons to opt for a photo shoot at home. With all the challenges of early parenthood, heading out to a photography studio can often be an added stressor.

By using these 1 month baby photoshoot ideas in the familiar surroundings of home, parents have the freedom to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for both themselves and their baby. Additionally, the backdrop of a home can add a unique touch.

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