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Get your tips for budgeting, increasing your income, combating unpaid bills, and more!

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You don’t have to feel alone through the trials and tribulations of parenting. There are many of us out there just like you, and we’ll go so much further if we join hands and uplift one another. Major League Mommy is a safe space for you to receive guidance and unlock the best version of yourself.

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Money Tips and Tools

Increase your net worth and meet your money goals. You can even get the kids started early! Here are my recommended resources to get started. *Please note: this section may contain affiliate links. You can view full disclosure here.

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Acorns app

Get started with investing with minimal risk. You can also take advantage of Acorn’s many educational resources.

"If Money Doesn't Grow on Trees, Where DOES it Grow?" Children's Book

My daughters are the authors of the children’s book If Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees, Where DOES it Grow? which is available as a hardcover book, eBook, and audiobook. You can check it out here. 

I may be a little biased because my kids wrote the book, but it has been getting really great feedback. It’s a great way to introduce little ones to key money lessons at an early age.

8 Tips to Increase Your Net Worth in a Year

You can check out this popular article on Major League Mommy to take the steps necessary to increase your net worth.

About Me

Hey there! I’m Briana Marie, a mental health and financial literacy advocate who regularly shares content to help women improve the quality of their lives. I am also a certified yoga teacher and have co-authored several books including Raising the Global Mindset. I even helped my children publish their own children’s book encouraging financial literacy.

I currently live in the Midwest and earn a living as a full-time content creator. You can visit my Work with Me page to check out the services I currently offer or feel free to email me if you’d like to learn more.

A little more about me:

One of my goals in life is to achieve the highest level of happiness that any human has ever experienced, and while that is still in progress, there is one thing I am 100% sure about — I want to help others unlock that level of happiness as well. 

My journey has not always been easy, but I am committed to using those lessons to help us improve the quality of our lives.

As we all know, the motherhood journey is comprised of so many different experiences and Major League Mommy aims to address as many of those experiences as possible. Let’s do this whole Mom thing the happy way. Thank you for being here! 

You can follow me on Facebook, YouTubeTwitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to keep up with the Motherhood Madness and my mental health and money tips. Enjoy!

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