Why Gymnastics is a Good Sport for Young Children 

Anyone who really knows me, knows how much I absolutely love gymnastics. I used to be a gymnast myself! Both of my girls, Aralynn (1) and ‘Ailani (4), are also gymnasts. Now, most people assume that I enrolled my girls in gymnastics at such an early age just because this sport was one of my obsessions but believe it or not, this is actually not even the case. Gymnastics is really a good activity for young children for a variety of reasons and it is for THOSE reasons that I got them involved. 

If you’re considering gymnastics for your child or just simply looking for a good activity to get them involved in, you’ll definitely want to continue reading. Enjoy! 

  1. Of course participating in gymnastics is a good opportunity for your child to be physically active. According to LiveStrong.com, “Taking part in any exercise significantly reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes in adulthood.”
  2. Gymnastics teaches kids discipline as they learn to follow rules on safety and take instruction from coaches. It also teaches them that hard work and dedication pays off which is a good way to develop a strong work ethic.
  3. Children can develop their social skills through gymnastics classes. They get to interact with other kids in their age group as well as other adults while learning how to work as a team. 
  4. Gymnastics is an excellent way to develop motor skills and coordination. Children will learn skills that require them to use different parts of their bodies in very different ways-this will ultimately help them to develop a number of motor skills they will need throughout life.
  5. Starting gymnastics at a young age allows your little one to start building strength and toned muscles early on. This also helps to improve posture.
  6. Gymnastics is good for brain development and can help kids focus better in school.
  7. Gymnastics promotes self-confidence.
  8. Children can learn to overcome fears through gymnastics. They can learn to discuss their fears with others and set attainable goals to overcome these fears. 
  9. Through gymnastics, children can learn how to be compassionate and supportive of others.
  10. Your child will have lots of FUN while also developing all of these great qualities! 




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