The Ultimate Gift Guide: Educational Gifts/Toys (Ages 0-10 years) 

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Need some ideas to complete your holiday shopping for the children in your life this year? Well, look no further, here is MajorLeagueMommy’s Ultimate Gift Guide! Click each category to view items. Click product for more details. Enjoy!

Educational Gifts (Ages: 0-10 years) 

Huge selection of read-to-me and audiobooks.

View Clothing and Shoes (Ages: 0-8 years) 

View Toys (Ages: 0-6 years) 

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25 thoughts on “The Ultimate Gift Guide: Educational Gifts/Toys (Ages 0-10 years) 

  1. Amber

    I love your choices! I’ve heard great things about those Snap Circuits. I might have to pick some of those up for my kids.

    1. The Snap Circuits are great!

  2. These toys look really fun apart from being educational, and that’s a great combination anytime 🙂

    1. Definitely a great combo. 😉

  3. I usually love educational gifts for kids. This is great.

    1. Educational gifts are definitely my go-to this season. ☺️

  4. Really great choices. Have to save this post for the time when I need to start shopping.

  5. These are fantastic choices, i love the spell it and the globe, been meaning to get a globe for ages.

    1. I got the Spell It for my daughter last year. She still plays with it. And it’s a lot more fun for her now that she’s actually starting to read. ☺️

  6. These gifts are kid of unusual and they look cute!


  7. I feel like i’m geting invited to more and more parties with childern, so this will definitely come in handy!

  8. We have that microscope, and my daughter loves it! Whenever she finds something pretty outside, she brings it in to look at it under her microscope!

    1. Microscopes are a lot of fun. I have a real microscope that I got when I was in college and my girls always try to play with it. I need to get them their own. Lol.

  9. Beth Shankle Anderson

    Besides being educational, these toys also look entertaining. There are so many choices, you couldn’t make a bad one!

    1. There are so Many fun options out there these days!

  10. What fun gift ideas! 🙂 We don’t have kids yet, but when we do…our focus will be on unique interactive toys like these…no video games in our house or toys that encourage kids to be couch potatoes…

    1. I love it! We’re all about educational gifts in our household.

  11. My nephew would so want all of these and would love them equally. Cool giveaway

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