The Little Things

A couple of weeks ago, I let Dad take on the challenge of packing our 3 year old’s lunch for school. Now, usually I am the one that does all of the lunch-packing around there and I pretty much consider myself a professional lunch-packer by now but I decided to give Dad a chance. So, I let him have all of the fun this time. He knows what our daughter likes and doesn’t like just as well as I do (at least I think so) so, this was a relatively simple task for him.

The next day when I picked my daughter up from school she ran up to me, clearly extremely excited about something, and her teacher was right behind her. My daughter held up a little post-it note with a huge smile on her face and said “Dad wrote me a letter! It was in my lunchbox!”. This was actually a surprise for both of us- I certainly hadn’t thought about slipping a little note in my daughter’s lunchbox just to remind her that I’m thinking about her even when she’s away from me. Her teacher smiled and told me, “She was very excited to see that Dad left her a note in her lunchbox. I read it to her and she has just been the happiest little girl ever since.” She also made a point to mention the fact that Dad had cut her sandwich into four triangles instead of two triangles as I typically did (Obviously he wins the Dad of the century award and Mommy still has some work to do). But all of this made me think, wow , something so simple made such a huge difference in my daughter’s day and weeks later she still shows everybody the little note her Dad left her and brags about it. Perhaps it is little gestures like this, that many of us should try more often with our loved ones. I might slip a note in my Mom’s car one day or leave a note in the bathroom for “Dad of the Century”. This might really make a huge difference in your loved ones day. Oh, the little things- the little things that make a huge difference.

The famous PB&J sandwich and note from Dad
The famous PB&J sandwich and note from Dad

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