Rewards to Use When Potty Training 

Potty training may not be the most pleasant part of parenting, but with a little bit of motivation for our trainee, the process can certainly go much smoother. Here are a few fun and creative ways to reward your little one for a job well done.

Activity Popsicle Stick Jar- write a few fun activities on several Popsicle sticks and place them in a jar. Every time your child has a successful trip to the potty, allow them to pull a stick from the jar. Whichever stick they pull is the activity they get to enjoy as their reward. You can use any acitivities you think your child would enjoy such as baking cookies or going for a swim.

Marble Incentive Jar-allow your little one to place a marble in the jar every time they use the potty. Mark lines at different heights on the jar and write a specific reward next to each one. Once they hit a mark, they can receive that reward.

New Underwear- buy your trainee a few pair of new undies as motivation to continue to work towards becoming fully potty trained. This really worked well for my eldest daughter. She was potty trained at the age of 2 and it was mostly because she was in such a hurry to get in her “big girl pants.”

Potty Punch Cards- get or make a punch card and for each time your child uses the potty, punch their card. Once they reach a certain number of punches, they’ll get a special treat.

Reward Bag-put together a bag stuffed with fun treats and for each potty training goal your child reaches, allow them to select an item from the bag.

Sticker Chart- set potty training goals for your little one and create a chart. After each successful potty trip, allow them to place a sticker on the chart.

Whether you’ve been potty training for a while or you’re finally ready to start potty training, these incentives can definitely help you out a bit. What incentives have you tried when potty training? Did it work? Comment below. Happy Parenting!
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16 thoughts on “Rewards to Use When Potty Training 

  1. We are right in the middle of potty training my twins right now. It is hard!!! Incentives definitely make it easier. We started with a candy after each successful potty, but now we’re on to the sticker chart. I love the marble jar idea, and the Popsicle sticks too!

  2. I love all of these ideas, and I’ll definitely keep them in mind for our next potty trainee… I’m in no hurry to start him though 🙂

    1. I will admit I never liked changing (or BUYING) diapers so I’m always like the sooner I can get the kids potty trained the better. Lol. It was soooo easy with my first daughter. We’ll see how it goes with her sister.

  3. I SOOO needed this help back in the day! My kids refused to potty train, lol. Talk about late bloomers! Great tips 😀

  4. Jen G

    I remember potty training…Every little thing helps!

    1. Definitely. Thanks for reading!

  5. We have one left and she will be potty training next year. These incentives would be cool to use for her.

    1. Good luck with your next round of potty training. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  6. My daughter loved to get a reward when she went potty. It was the only way to keep track of her going!

    1. We’ve started that with my youngest daughter and it seems to be working well so far. Thanks for reading. ☺️

  7. These are really great ideas. I’m already nervous about potty training so I’m avoiding thinking about it.

    1. Lol. Don’t be nervous. You’ll naturally find ways that work best to get your little one trained. All kids are different. I found that I have to use a different approach to potty training with my youngest than I did with my oldest. Thanks for reading.

  8. Awesome ideas! I will need to implement these in the near future. I am nervous about potty training but ideas like these make it less scary.

    1. Hopefully these ideas help a bit. Thanks for reading!

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