I Won’t Force my Child to Sit on Santa’s Lap and Here’s Why

The holiday season is upon us! And ’tis the season for tears of children terrified of Santa Clause. It’s a tradition in many families to have their little ones take a picture with Santa Clause around Christmas time. Unfortunately, many kids aren’t too excited about this. I have seen freakouts worthy of an Oscar while standing in the line for Santa. Now, my children don’t actually believe in the concept of Santa Clause, but continuing an old family tradition; I like to try to get pictures of my girls with Santa.

I have a few good reasons why I don't force my child to sit on Santa's lap for pictures....
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My 6 year old has always been a fan of pictures with Santa Clause (But truthfully, she’d probably take a picture with any random stranger if I asked her to). I never had to beg her to go sit with Santa. It was just another opportunity to pose for the camera. She was all in. That’s just how she is. However, my 3 year old has never liked the idea of sitting on Santa’s lap. She will freak out if she even hears “Ho, Ho, Ho!” coming from around the corner.

Now, I like to get pictures of both of my girls sitting with Santa. However, I won’t force my child to sit on Santa’s lap. I feel like it just sends the wrong message to my kids.

As a Mom, it is my job to protect my tiny humans. My girls should feel safe when they’re with me. They should trust that I am going to protect them, and comfort them when they are afraid. I want them to know that I am listening to their concerns, and that I respect their boundaries.

If my child doesn’t feel comfortable sitting on a strange man’s lap, I am definitely not gonna force her to! First of all, they should be uncomfortable sitting on a random man’s lap. I actually give a High Five to kids who recognize that Santa is a total stranger. Good for you. Those stranger danger sensors are functioning properly.

I would like for my child to trust that if I sit them on somebody’s lap then it’s safe. However, if they’re not vibing with the whole idea, I respect that! Mommy will hold you and stand next to Santa. I’m far from photogenic, and I will likely ruin the entire picture but hey, worse things have happened.

If my child still isn’t comfortable even standing next to Santa while I hold her, then just forget about it. Your sister can go solo in this one. We’ll tell the story of why you never appeared in pictures with Santa later on down the line. It’s no big deal.

And I’m sure Santa can appreciate me not forcing a hysterical child onto his lap. 🙂

Is your child anti-Santa? Do you have any holiday traditions that just don’t run as smoothly with your kids? Please share in the comments below!

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Happy Holidays!

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