Our Family Trip to Universal Studios Revealed Some Bizarre Truths About My Children 

This summer we took a trip to beautiful Orlando, Florida to celebrate my daughter’s 6th birthday at Universal Studios.  We spent 4 days and 3 nights at the lovely Hilton Orlando Resort, and on Day 2 we visited Universal Studios. It was quite interesting to say the least. This was such an amazing bonding opportunity for the family, and I certainly learned a lot about my girls. As a matter of fact, I learned a little more about them than I had expected. Read on to learn how Our Family Trip to Universal Studios Revealed Some Bizarre Truths About My Children.

I learned some very interesting things about my children during our family trip to Universal Studios this past summer.

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Cartoons belong on the TV… not out on the streets.

I figured both of my girls would be absolutely ecstatic about seeing some of their favorite TV characters live and in color. This was only half true. My 6 year old was living it up and partying with these costumed actors like they were her best buds from the block. However, my 2 year old wasn’t having it. She had “Hell No” written all over her face. If one of those characters even turned in her direction, she would scream like the world was ending. I think at one point, she actually yelled for help… because that damn Spongebob Squarepants waved at her. Seriously Spongebob? How dare you be so friendly offscreen.

She was literally totally freaked out by all of these characters… except Hello Kitty. She walked straight up to Hello Kitty requesting a picture, gave her a hug and everything. This girl made herself right at home in Hello Kitty’s arms. The difference? She had never seen Hello Kitty on TV. Perhaps not seeing an animated image of Hello Kitty beforehand somehow made her feel safe….?

Potty breaks are inconvenient for… my children

We pretty much stopped at a restroom every hour or so while we were out at the park (we were there for 12 hours), and each restroom visit was met with a stream of complaints… “Ugh. Again? Can’t we just wait till we get back to the hotel,” “I won’t drink anything else so we don’t have to keep doing this,” (Yeah right, the heat index was 109 degrees- no way you could skip out on drinking SOMETHING for the 12 hours we were melting ). “I hate bathrooms,” and… the youngest one getting so fed up with potty breaks, that she would literally cry when she heard me mention the word “bathroom.” (-_-)

I mean, come on now. Here we are standing in lines for 30 minutes to an hour, and drinking as much water as we can to keep ourselves alive in the heat. Excuse me for thinking that a bathroom break for a toddler and (soon-to-be) 6 year old after each ride is entirely appropriate! I just wanted to avoid having to rush out of a line that we’ve been standing in for an hour because someone conveniently decided that they were on the verge of peeing their pants. Nope. Not putting up with that. Not happening on my watch.

And FYI, if you think that taking two little kids to use the restroom a hundred times a day is convenient for ME, think again.

Sidenote: Due to the fact that we were sweating so much, we really didn’t need so many potty breaks as it turned out. But I’d rather be safe than sorry. Besides… there was AC in the restrooms. 😉

Standing in a line for an hour is FUN!

Thankfully, the longest wait time we had in a line was 56 minutes. But an hour just standing in a slow moving line with kids can be kind of stressful… unless you’re with MY kids. They seemed to have so much fun simply waiting in the lines. Staring at random people, talking to random people, impromptu storytelling, finding fresh ways to get in trouble…. yeah, standing in a long line didn’t bother them at all. And unfortunately, my toddler had more fun standing in the lines than she did on the actual rides. 🙁 Thank goodness we didn’t have to buy a ticket for her. Sheesh.

It’s too hot to be in an air conditioned room

As I mentioned earlier, the heat index was over 100 degrees in Orlando and it was super sunny. However, every time we were blessed with the opportunity to sit under some AC (WHILE having some fun), my girls were in a rush to get back outside.  They both agreed that it was extremely hot outside but…. being in an air conditioned facility and out of the sun just isn’t really worthwhile. Again, another inconvenience for them. My bad. I’m such an awful parent for wanting to prevent my girls from having a heat stroke. Shame on me.

My kids don’t want to spend all of mommy and daddy’s money!

So, this weird realization actually worked in our favor. Of all of the various methods used to tempt visitors into spending every last dollar in their pocket, none of them seemed to really excite my girls. My eldest maybe asked for two things the entire 12 hours we were at the park, and I honestly don’t recall my toddler asking for much of anything! This was a total shock to me, especially considering the fact that we had a birthday girl in tow.

Moral of the story: My children are predictably unpredictable.

 Major League Mommy trip to Universal Studios OrlandoMajor League Mommy trip to Universal Studios Orlando

 Yeah, we had quite an interesting experience during this family vacation but overall, it was a lovely week-long adventure! I would love for you to share some of the weird things you learned about your own children during a family vacation in the comments below.

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Happy Parenting!

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