My Favorite Hair Products for my Daughter's Naturally Curly Hair

My 4 year old, ‘Ai, is always getting compliments on her shiny and springy little curls (unfortunately my youngest daughter hasn’t gotten her hair in yet, but her scalp sure looks great! šŸ™‚ ) but we also get a lot of questions on which hair products we use. Now, I always tell people that I am no hair specialist but I definitely tend to lean towards sulfate-free products that contain some of my favorite natural ingredients when it comes to my daughter’s hair as well as my own. So, I decided to answer those questions in this post. Here are my 4 go-to products for my daughter (and my own) hair.

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I absolutely love Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Shampoo Ā It has a really nice smell to it which is a really important feature for me. Additionally, it leaves our hair feeling very soft after washing it and it keeps our hair nice and shiny. My daughter’s hair has never been treated with any chemicals and doesn’t really have any issues with dryness and breakageĀ so this is just a really great shampoo to help us maintain the softness and shine to her hair while getting it really clean. On the other hand, my hair dries out easily and with me washing it so often, it definitely tends to have some challenges with dryness and this shampoo helps restore the moisture in my hair and my curls are still nice and bouncy. I am also a huge fan of the manuka honey used in this shampoo as it has anti-inflammatory properties that our scalps definitely need. The Vitamin Ā C from the African Rock Fig also helps to keep our hair looking nice and shiny.

I initially purchased the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair CreamĀ for myself to combat the dryness that I was experiencing at the time but I soon fell in love with it and began using it on my daughter’s hair as well and I must say, it worked EXTREMELY well on her hair. After washing her hair, I would put a little of this leave-in in her hair and it would be super soft and shiny. I do, however, recommend using this product lightly (a little goes a long way) and not mixing it with any other products.

I use theĀ Kinky Curly Combo most often on my daughter’s hair. The shampoo cleans her hair really well, the conditioner detangles her hair really REALLY well and leaves her hair soft and shiny. Her hair is super manageable after using these products and I use a very tiny amount of the curling custard to really define her curls after washing and also to add a little more shine. These products are very gentle on her hair and assist in keeping it healthy.

Last but not least, we are huge fans of ourĀ Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, we use it all the time to keep our hair moisturized. It doesn’t have the greatest smell in the world, I will admit, but it does wonders for our hair. So ,when styling our hair, I always grab our lovely coconut oil.

These are the products that I use on my daughter’s hair as well as my own. Please feel free to recommend any others in the comments below!

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