Make Money from Home! Legitimate Work-From-Home Options

So, lately I have been getting the question: What jobs can I do from home? As a work-from-home Mom myself, I can definitely see the benefits of your home also being your workplace. Many people, especially parents, have been trying to find LEGITIMATE ways to earn an income without ever needing to leave their home (I do still recommend leaving the house at some point, however). Whether you want to save gas or just simply like walking around in your pajamas while still getting a paycheck, these 5 ideas may be something you should look into.

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(1) Classes: Selling some of your knowledge and experience is never a bad idea. Refer to my Couponing post about the lady that started her own couponing classes right in her own home. Now, maybe you know absolutely nothing about couponing but try starting a class teaching something that you are actually quite knowledgeable on. Some examples are: foreign language classes, resume-writing, cooking, or anything else you think you could teach. You can get as creative as you like here but remember, you want to teach something that you know many people would like to learn.The best part about this is that you can actually create courses ONLINE using course creation tools such as Thinkific.

(2)Arts and Crafts: Are you creative? Can you handcraft almost anything and make it look amazing? Well hey, maybe you should try selling it. Shops like Etsy makes it easy to sell these items. You can even use social networking apps and sites such as Instagram to showcase some of your items and collect payments via Paypal. I actually used to make children’s apparel and sell them online. This may be something you would like to consider as well. You can get as creative as you’d like in this area.

(3)Virtual Call Center: There are companies out there such as Live Ops that allow their call center calls to be routed to your home where you could then answer and handle customer inquiries. It is important to make sure you do research on any company offering a virtual call center position to make sure that they are legitimate. Typically, all these positions will require you to have is: a computer, a strong internet connection, earphones, and a landline phone.

(4)Freelance writer/blogger: This is one of my favorites (of course. Haha). I absolutely LOVE blogging and it can be a really great source of income. There are some really great resources out there for bloggers and writers looking to make money.  You can get web hosting for as low as $3.95 through Siteground to get started. I will actually be updating my site with a resource page for those interested in starting and monetizing their blog. Be sure to subscribe to catch that update. You can also use sites such as ProBlogger to find blogging jobs. You can even check out for more paid writing opportunities. There are many, many other sites like these out there as well that you can check out. I will be doing a more detailed post on this later.

(5) MLM: There are some really great multi-level marketing companies out there. I know many people get freaked out when they hear the words “multi-level marketing” but this can be an excellent way to earn an income from home when working with the right company. Of course, these aren’t get-rich-quick schemes (those are never legitimate, Trust me). You will actually have to put in work as you will be building a home-based BUSINESS. Be sure to research companies to make sure that they are legitimate-meaning they are LEGAL and have a fair compensation structure. All large MLM companies will have some bad reviews from people that aren’t making money off of it (likely due to their own lack of effort) but focus more on the structure of the company and its achievements (special awards, mentions, etc). One really good MLM company to work with is WorldVentures– especially if you love traveling and are interested in extremely discounted vacation packages. They are currently ranked #677 by Inc. 5000  which is really awesome. They also have an excellent compensation structure. You can contact me here for more information on that. However, there are LOTSSSSS of reputable MLM companies out there (Arbonne, Mary Kay, Legalshield,etc.)  just make sure you find one that actually fits within your lifestyle and preferences. Promote something that you are actually passionate about-it’ll make the work a whole lot easier trust me.

These are just a few ideas. There are still many, many, many others out there. I hope this helps. Feel free to comment any other suggestions below. I look forward to seeing some of your ideas and reading success stories from those that have tried one of the suggestions above.

Happy Parenting!



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34 thoughts on “Make Money from Home! Legitimate Work-From-Home Options

  1. Good information, love it! 🙂

  2. Kay

    Great info! Thanks for sharing😊

  3. wonderful info! I didn’t think about all of these!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!

  4. These are truly some great options to get started on your work at home job search! I had no idea there were call center opportunities from home-thanks for sharing! <3

    1. Glad I was able to help. Thanks for reading!

  5. These are great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great post. Cool options for stay-at-home parents. Loved the links to resources you’ve given to start off. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Fantastic tips! 😀 Thank you for these ^.^

  8. This is all such wonderful information. I do freelance sometimes, so that helps!

    1. Same here! I haven’t done as much lately though because I’ve been focusing more on my blog which is taking a lot of my time.

  9. These are really good ideas for anyone looking to start working from home. I had no idea about the call center one.. that is interesting.

    1. Thanks for checking it out. 🙂

  10. These are some great suggestions. I have never had much success with MLM. Blogging has worked pretty well for me though. I have been at it for almost 10 years. I always forget about virtual call centers.

    1. I’ve only been monetizing my blog for about a year now and it’s a great source of income for me. MLMs aren’t for everyone. But for others they can be a good source of income and even a fun way to make money. It just depends. I get pitched a different MLM business every week it seems. Lol.

  11. Ola

    These are some really good options for parent who want to stay at home. I never even thought about virtual call centers as an option.

  12. There are so many ways to make money from home these days, I will check out problogger since I am a blogger and do make some money from my website

    1. Definitely check it out! They post lots of blog jobs on ProBlogger.

  13. This is a wonderful resource to keep on hand. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Love these options, I managed to find my way into freelance writing as well as blogging and thoroughly enjoy it, although blogging is the hobby part and doesn’t subsidise my earnings yet, my writing has taken off quite well

    1. I did freelance writing as well but now I’m focusing more on my blog. 😊

  15. I think stay at home working mom’s have it made. I have yet to find that legitimate work from home job but would gladly accept it if it presented itself to me.

  16. I think these are all very legit. I like to work from home. More people would enjoy being able to do it.

    1. Thanks for checking it out. 🙂

  17. blair villanueva

    Creative Moms can also be online consultants or gurus for their special field. Its practical and easy, just have your laptop, budgeted and organized time, plus an amazing internet connection.

    1. That’s a good idea too! Thanks for sharing.

  18. I did not thought there are so many ways to works from home.

    1. Lots of ways! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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