People are Going Crazy Over The New Luvabella Baby doll| Here’s Where You Can Get It (While You Can)

Luvabella Baby

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This new lifelike doll-Luvabella Baby– is already trending for Christmas 2017, and parents are losing their minds trying to figure out how to get their hands on one for their child.

This is like the Hatchimal craze all over again, but this time with a realistic and huggable spin.

This cute little doll speaks over 100 words and phrases, plays games, and makes super realistic facial expressions. This fancy toy baby just oozes personality. She can cry, laugh, and even smile! I mean, this is quiteee an upgrade from the cabbage patch dolls that I used to play with as a little girl. She freakin’ lifts her arms, moves her mouth, and turns her head. She even sleeps! I don’t even think MY actual children sleep! Wth???

This baby comes with a heartbeat and everything. Holy cow. I see why it’s such a big deal, I’m just hoping my girls don’t catch on to it. I have no plans on buying one of these for Christmas to be completely honest. Not only does it have potential to be pretty creepy, but my girls don’t tend to give special treatment to their “expensive” toys. It’ll end up laying somewhere completely destroyed within a matter of days. That’s just how my girls roll. Oh well.

The manufacturer’s recommended age is 3-5 years. According to Amazon, the doll comes with: 1 Luvabella doll, 1 Removable Dress, 1 set of Removable Bottoms, 1 Removable Bow, 4 interactive accessories: Spoon, Bottle, Soother, Lamby, and Instructions.

If you are hoping to get your hands on one of these babies this year, I highly recommend checking out some of the sellers on Amazon to see what you can find. Currently many retailers will be having a very limited stock of the Luvabella Baby, so keep an eye out.


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