Kid-friendly Ways to Celebrate 4th of July 

You don’t have to keep the kids up super late to watch fireworks in order to celebrate 4th of July this year, there are actually quite a few kid/family-friendly ways to celebrate this holiday that don’t require staying up late and trying to cope with cranky overtired kiddies. Here are 10 of those ways right here. Enjoy! 

  1. Have a Fourth of July bike parade-round up the kids on your block and ask them to grab their bicycles. Make sure you have lots of red, white and blue decorations on hand such as streamers, balloons, glitter, etc. The kids (and participating adults) can then decorate their bikes before beginning the parade.  Once everyone’s ready to go, you can then start your parade down the block.
  2. Get the family together to work on some fun DIY Crafts that can be used for your Holiday barbecue or party or for your festive Independence Day photos. 
  3. Speaking of parties, Have a patriotic-themed party in your backyard or at the park. Be sure to include some yummy treats, music, and some fun games and one of the adults can set off a few fireworks.
  4. Attend your local firework show. Not all kids like the noise so make sure this is something your kids would actually enjoy before bringing them along. 
  5. Make red, white, and blue desserts- try a few of these patriotic treats.
  6. Create your own 4th of July themed games to play as a family. 
  7. Take a 4th of July family photo using fun props and lots of red, white, and blue.
  8. Decorate your sidewalk or driveway in chalk for the special Occassion.
  9. A fun alternative to fireworks- make some rocket confetti poppers for the kids to play with.
  10. Have a color fight

I hope this list helps you out with your Fourth of July plans for this year. Thanks for stopping by MajorLeagueMommy. Happy Parenting! 

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