How We Beat Eczema! 

This is NOT a sponsored post. As a matter of fact, the producer of this product literally has no idea that I’m even using this little gem but I love it so much, I just HAD TO share it with my wonderful MajorLeagueMommy family. So let’s get to it.

My 1 year old, Aralynn, has had quite an issue with eczema and we tried lots of things from cortisone to oatmeal baths, other DIY home remedies, etc. The list goes on and on. Now while some of the other things we have tried did help with the itchiness and discomfort, it certainly wasn’t eliminating the eczema altogether which is actually what I was looking for. 

One fine day, my mother in law presented me with this little Jar of handmade body butter to try on Aralynn’s eczema and me being me, I didn’t use it right away because I wanted to finish out the bottle of eczema cream that I had purchased from the pharmacy. As a matter of fact, I went weeks without even touching this little jar. But one day after getting out of the shower, I noticed the jar and decided to rub a little bit of it on my knees, heels, and Elbows (these are the areas on me that usually get super dry). I loved the consistency of it (I wasn’t a huge fan of the smell but at least it was a really light smell that didn’t linger and that was great). I REALLY loved how soft and smooth those parts of my body were when I woke up the next morning. I also have really sensitive skin so the fact that I didn’t have a negative reaction to it was a HUGEEEE plus. So, after that experience, I decided to use it on my girls. I figured it would be safe since it was made with all natural ingredients and I was hoping that it would keep their skin moisturized and in excellent condition. I have used this body butter on them everytime they get out of the bath and yes, their skin is looking and feeling WONDERFUL. However, what REALLY blew my mind is that after LESS THAN A WEEK of using it every day, Aralynn’s eczema just started disappearing- likely completely disappearing! We have been using it for over a month now and her eczema has not returned and her skin is looking sooooo healthy. We actually just got an even bigger jar (which I am wayyyy too excited about)! I am so glad that I was introduced to this little wonder and I will definitely be trying more products from Little Land Aromas! Now, I realize not everything works the same way for everybody but this was just my family’s experience with this body butter and it was definitely a positive one.  I encourage you all to check them out. 

Plain Jane Body ButterPlain Jane Body Butter
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