How To Plan a Child's Birthday Party

As many of you know, I am currently in the process of planning my daughter’s 5th birthday party and the process is thankfully going rather smooth. I decided to follow a step-by-step process to pull everything together with minimal stress and it definitely seems to be working. Following this quick party planning guide, you too can pull of your child’s birthday party without losing any sleep at night. Enjoy!

  1. Pick a theme- This is one of my favorite steps! There are so many fun ideas to play around with. I will be revealing ‘Ai’s party theme within the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out. 
  2. Set a budget- I highly recommend setting a budget. It is sooo easy to get out of control with the spending when preparing a child’s birthday party but it really is best to keep it simple. You can come up with lots of great ways for the kids to have a blast without breaking the bank. I will actually be sharing some of these ideas with you in a future post.
  3. Guest List- you can sit with your child (or alone) and make out a list of people you want to invite. Once your list is complete, you can immediately move onto the next step. Yay!
  4. Location- Once you know your budget and the number of people that you’d like to invite, you can choose your party location. The location could be as simple as your own backyard or it could take place at one of your child’s favorite spots- a jump zone, gym, indoor playground, skating rink, etc. The list goes on and on. We decided to have ‘Ai’s birthday party at the gym where she does gymnastics this year. 
  5. Invitations- Create and send invitations. We turned this step into a fun DIY project by making themed invitations for ‘Ai to hand out to her classmates and friends. I also created a digital invitation to send to people via text. Make sure you include all of the necessary info: The Who, What, When, and Where. I also put my phone number and “RSVP by” date on our invitations. 
  6. Find some extra help- Don’t be afraid to ask for a few extra hands. You can assign one person to take care of different aspects of the party. One person can focus on decorations, another can handle the food, etc. This makes things a lot easier.
  7. Decoration- Another one of my favorite steps! After selecting a theme, you can use your creativity to choose some fun decorations for the party. I love to take this opportunity to try some fun DIY projects. 
  8. Entertainment-You want to consider your budget as well as the children’s ages when planning out entertainment. You also want to consider the location that you are using. Not all locations are conducive to certain types of entertainment. For ‘Ailani’s party this year, we kept it super simple as far as the entertainment goes. We have several fun activities planned for the kids that go right along with our theme and we didn’t have to spend any extra money for entertainment. 
  9. Food- You can get as creative as you like for the food selection at your party. We will likely just be doing pizza, chips, cake, and ice cream. 
  10. Exercise PATIENCE- As always, I recommend having patience. Party planning can get a little chaotic and partying with a bunch of super energetic kids can get even more chaotic. However, this is all about having fun. So don’t take it all so serious, just have FUN. 

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