How I Created Hours of “Me-Time” During an Entire Week With Two Little Ones and No Sitter.  

So, did I ever tell you about how our Spring Break went around here? Well, here we go. While others were enjoying family vacations and time away from work, I was sitting at home with a crap ton of work to do . . . and two adventurous little girls. 

No babysitter. No school. No daycare

I really should’ve thought this one out. How did I ever think that I could operate my two businesses from home on a week with no breaks from the girls? 

Well, I won’t be so dramatic. When their Dad returned home from work around 6pm every evening, I had some help. However, I am not a night owl. The majority of my work is complete before 7pm because by 8:30. . . I’m in bed. I wake up around 4:30/5 every morning so, staying up late is just not my thing. The girls are in bed by 7:30 and as soon as they are soundly sleep, I’m in bed. Simple as that. 

But here’s the thing… I had a book that I needed to finish editing so I could finally publish it. I had a total of 8 blog posts that needed to be completed between my two blogs. I had a couple of opt-in freebies that I promised I would finally complete that week. I had two podcast interviews. I had a few items to try out and review. I had a ton of promotional work to complete. Did I even mention all of the housework that needed to be done? JEEZ. How was I gonna pull this one off? My girls demand my attention every second of the day it seems. 

Then I remembered….

I downloaded this handy little eBook a couple of weeks earlier. 
Yeah, you’re probably thinking… “How in the world did you have time to even THINK about sitting down to read an eBook?” Well, this book was extra special…

It was titled, Just Give me 10 Minutes by Katie Davis. Yeah. I’ve used that line plenty of times, but the line alone CLEARLY is not very effective. The thing that REALLY attracted me to this dandy little guide was that it included over 40 activities you can gather in a “Busy Bag.”

40 Activities for Kids- Just Give me 10 Minutes
The guide is so easy to follow and the kids actually loved the ideas Katie came up with! Here are some of the activities I used to keep the girls busy for hours each day:

  • 52 Match-Up
  • Change Sorting
  • Color Scavenger Hunt
  • Gel Bag Sensory Play
  • Pizza Chef
  • I Spy Bottle

The activities in this guide are best for children under the age of 5. However, both my 2 and 5 year old really enjoyed the activities I set up for them in their busy bags. 

 The best part is that all of the materials we needed for each activity fit in one of my old Beach bags, making it super easy to tote around when I was out running my errands.

Did I mention that this eBook also came with nearly 50 super cool templates that you can print off and have as much as fun as you like with? OMGeez! I love it. 

I was actually able to complete everything on my daily to-do-list during our super busy Spring Break thanks to this wonderful resource. 

Every Mom of a toddler should check out Just Give me 10 Minutes. This is my honest opinion. There is no money being thrown at me to tell you this. Seriously! See for yourself. Learn more HERE

Just Give Me 10 Minutes- Over 40 Activities for Kids

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  1. Thanks so much for your review, Briana! I’m so happy you’ve already gotten so much out of my book. Independent play activities have truly been my sanity’s saving grace, and I’m thrilled to hear your story.

    1. It’s seriously a life saver! Thank you

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