Home teeth whitening for the Perfect Family Photo- Smile Brilliant Review 

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Spring is upon us which means cleaning, retiring our winter wardrobe, and spending more time outdoors. Many of us also take this time to get some fresh outdoor family photos while we have that beautiful spring backdrop. That’s definitely what we’re doing around here, and I am making sure that I have everything in place for the perfect family photo… starting with my smile.

Affordable Home Teeth Whitening for the Perfet Family Photo

That’s why I was more than excited to get my hands on a Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit. Smile Brilliant gives you the opportunity to experience professional teeth whitening from the comfort of your own home. This was a “brilliant” idea for a busy mama like me. So, I was definitely all in. The process is a rather simple one:

Step 1- Order your kit from their website (use my code majorleaguemommy5 to receive 5% off). And keep reading because there is also a giveaway. 🙂

Step 2- They will send you a kit with the tools you need to make the impressions for your teeth whitening trays. Make the impressions and send them back in the prepaid envelope included in the kit.

Step 3- Your teeth whitening trays should arrive within 3-7 days and you can get the whitening party started!

Smile Brilliant Review
You have everything you need in this kit to make your molds.
Smile Brilliant Review
Once you receive your trays back, you can let the whitening begin! Before using the whitening gel, be sure to brush your teeth with plain water.
Smile Brilliant Review
They recommend you leave the whitening trays in for 45min-3hrs. It is also best to do it right before bedtime, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting not to eat or stain your teeth immediately afterwards. I went with the bare minimum of 45 minutes for the whitening gel because of the intense sensitivity that I was experiencing.
Smile Brilliant Review
After you remove, clean, and dry your whitening trays. You move on to using the desensitizing gel following the instructions in the guide.They recommend applying it for at least 15 minutes, so I did just that.

I drank a crap ton of coffee for many years before replacing it with green tea. Unfortunately, eliminating the coffee did not eliminate the stains as I would have liked it to. This is why I felt Smile Brilliant was worth a shot and I will say this: I started seeing results right after the first use. After just 3 days, my teeth were noticeably whiter. It was amazing!

But I must admit, the sensitivity I was experiencing had become so intense after day 2, that I was almost ready to completely give up on the process. I naturally have sensitive teeth and gums so, I was not surprised that the whitening caused some irritation. They do recommend covering your gums with coconut oil or Vaseline prior to whitening to decrease the irritation, so that probably would’ve helped a lot. I didn’t cover my gums with anything- and it literally felt like they were on fire at one point. Be sure to check out their tips on dealing with sensitive teeth and What To Know Before Buying prior to giving this system a go.

Overall, I do recommend Smile Brilliant for those who are looking for QUICK teeth whitening results (check out my before and after photo below). It does exactly what it is supposed to do and that is awesome. I am all for professional teeth whitening at home. You can check out more testimonials here, if you are still on the fence after reading this review.

I am ready for our family photos this season, and my smile will be just as bright as the little ones’!

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