Blogging with one hand….and a baby in the other.

So, somewhere in between all of my Mommy and non-Mommy related duties, I found the time to start a blog. I am not quite sure where I found the time at, but it appeared in a very small amount. So let me make this one quick.

As I hold my overly excited and energetic 5 month old in one hand, and type this blog post with the other, I can’t help but think of 2 things: (1) If there’s anyway I could borrow even just 2% of her energy to make getting through my To-Do List just a little bit easier, and (2) What the heck am I even going to blog about!?

Now, I must say, my life is pretty interesting. Some may even call it exciting, entertaining, reality tv-worthy. But, since Vh1 has yet to cash in on my wild adventures as a work-from-home Mom and college student, I guess I will simply share my crazy stories with you all via WordPress. (Please note: Some of the statements in this paragraph may be slightly exaggerated. Just slightly though.)

So, from diaper changing horror stories to fun times with the kids to wherever else my thoughts and adventures take me, only the Universe knows where we’ll end up by the next post. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions with you all and I hope I can help make this parenting thing just a little bit easier for some of you…. and myself of course.

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