Go for the Gold! Olympic Themed Birthday Party 

I’m back with another fun post for you all today! Yesterday was ‘Ailani’s 5th birthday (feel free to wish her a happy birthday) and the day before, we had an Olympic themed party to celebrate her special day. I am going to be sharing our process and experience with you to hopefully help with your future party plans and give you some inspiration. Enjoy!

Gold Medal Invitations

Birthday Party Sign
We decided to have the party at ‘Ailani’s gymnastics center this year. It just seemed like the perfect place for an olympic themed party. 🙂
Gift table and goodie bags
After a last minute change from my original idea, I decided to use red, white, and blue insulated lunch bags as goody bags. The new school year is right around the corner-these could definitely be put to use. I will include details on what we put inside the bags at the end of this post.
'Ailani on uneven parallel bars
The kids enjoyed several gymnastics activities during the first half of the party. These fun activities definitely kept them entertained (especially the foam pit). Here is the birthday girl showing off some of her skills on the bars. You go girl!
Olympic Cake
‘Ailani’s delicious Olympic themed cake- We had vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and vanilla filling in the center. We also had our good friend supply some homemade vanilla cupcakes for the little ones.


Team USA t-shirt
Of course ‘Ailani had to dress according to the theme. She chose this cute little shirt right from the Team USA shop. We aren’t really rooting for any particular team in the Olympics this year. She just really loves to watch all of the different athletes compete. However, she absolutely loved this particular t-shirt so that’s what we went with. ‘Ailani also had an actual medal made from die-cast metal with a red,white, and blue v-neck ribbon to add to her look. The medal is not pictured here but I will include details at the end of this post.

As I mentioned in the post, we used insulated lunch bags for our goodie bags. We didn’t want to load our bags with tons of candy so here’s what we put inside instead (click photo for more details):

Here is the medal we got for the birthday girl. It came with a V-neck ribbon as well.

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Happy Parenting!
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    1. It was lots of fun. Thanks for reading! I’m going to check out your link party.

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