Fun Facts! 10 Cool (and Unusual) uses for Apples


Apples are widely known for their amazing health benefits and are often used in many tasty desserts, drinks, or snack packs. However, while many people are familiar with apples in this fashion, they may have no idea of the many other ways that this nutritious fruit can be used in their household. Whether you are an apple lover or a person that is completely underwhelmed by the thought of this fruit, this list of cool and unusual uses for apples is sure to blow your mind. Enjoy!

Use apples as stamps- when it comes to decorating, creativity is an excellent skill to have and substituting an apple stamp for the traditional rubber stamp is definitely one creative and fun way to spice up your decor. The process is a simple one: cut your apple in half, dip it in paint with the cut side down, press your apple half onto the object you would like stamped- your masterpiece is created!

Battle wrinkles and the effects of aging- apples are loaded with malic acids that give your skin that beautiful glow while also keeping it nice and firm. It’s also worthy to note that apples are a rich source of vitamin A (gives skin that glow), vitamin C (assists in the formation of collagen), and copper (assists in the formation of melanin which protects your skin from damaging UV rays). You can simply grate a peeled apple, apply it to your skin, and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

Use them to ripen unripe fruit- apple produce ethylene gas which speeds up the ripening process. All you have to do is place your unripe fruit in a paper bag with an apple and that fruit will be ripe in no time.

Keep your baked goods moist- you don’t have to let those leftover baked goods get dry and crumbly and eventually end up in the trash can. Simply place those delicious treats in an airtight container with half an apple and the moisture of the apple will keep them moist and help them maintain their freshness.

Soften brown sugar- pause before tossing that brick of hardened brown sugar in the trash. You can instead place hardened brown sugar in a large ziploc bag with an apple slice and give it a few days to sit. The sugar will absorb the moisture from the apple and return to its soft and manageable form.

Remove excess salt from soup- no one will ever have to know you overdid it with the salt again. Simply place a few apple slices in your soup while still boiling and the apples will soak up the excess salt.

Strengthen and tone your thighs- during your spare time, place an apple between your knees and squeeze! Squeeze for 10 seconds each for every rep. Your inner thighs will be toned in no time.

Use green apples to beat a migraine- green apples have the ability to decrease inflammation and it is said that the scent helps to ease tension. Next time you feel a migraine coming on, snack on a green apple.

Put an end to motion sickness- green apples are a great remedy for nausea and motion sickness. Next time you catch a case of motion sickness, eat a green apple.

Teeth-cleaning agent- apples can be used to help remove food that get lodged in between teeth. Apples also do not stain your teeth. While it is still important to regularly brush your teeth with an actual toothbrush , apples can serve as a natural toothbrush when you don’t have access to a man made one.

Have you tried using apples in any of the ways listed above? Have you used apples in another unusual way not listed?  Share your experience in the comments below. Happy Parenting!

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4 thoughts on “Fun Facts! 10 Cool (and Unusual) uses for Apples

  1. tootsmomistired

    I’ve never heard of the apple in the soup trick! Thanks! I’m going to have to use that.

  2. Green apples for motion sickness?! Wow, I had no idea!! My husband gets some pretty nasty motion sickness sometimes, and it’s the worst when we don’t have any medicine. Definitely going to keep this trick in mind. Thanks for sharing! <3

    1. I get motion sickness quite often as well. Your husband should definitely try the green apples. 🙂

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