Friday Fun Fact! What You May Not Know About Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is no doubt one of the most popular cartoon characters known to man. However, not many know of Mickey’s origins. So, this Friday’s Fun Fact is dedicated to our favorite little mouse… M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E!!! 
Did you know Mickey MOUSE actually started out as a RABBIT?? In 1927, Walt Disney created a character by the name of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Universal fell in love with this cute little rabbit with his big floppy black ears and a series of shorts featuring this little guy was put into production. However, in 1928, during a meeting between Disney and executives to negotiate another contract, Disney learned that he would have to take a lower salary to remain at Universal (which he refused) and Universal broke the news to Disney that they owned the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Disney and faithful animator Ub Iwerks immediately went to work creating Oswald’s replacement. Oswald’s ears were shortened and some extra weight added to his little body, and he was quickly transformed into a mouse! The mouse was initially named Mortimer- a name that didn’t stick long- and was later changed to Mickey. 
Mickey was not an instant success as the first 2 shorts received no attention. It wasn’t until Steamboat Willie, the first animated short film with synchronized music and sound effects, went public that Mickey Mouse received some attention. It was November of 1928 when this film premiered and it was a hit! Since then, Mickey Mouse has developed into the internationally known cartoon character that can be found on merchandise and TVs all across the globe. Many, many years later since he was first created, and kids STILL love Mickey Mouse! How cool is that?  

mickey Mouse: Steamboat Willie
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