Friday Fun Fact! 

Baby showers. I love baby showers, I love the fun little baby shower games and I especially love the yummy treats (Oh yes, Me+Yummy Treats= Pure Happiness). But, did you know that baby showers as we know them today didn’t even exist until after WWII?
The idea of a “baby shower” has evolved quite a bit over time from ancient birth celebrations excluding the giving of gifts for Mom and Baby to the tea parties and handmade gifts for new Moms in the Victorian era. It wasn’t until the Baby Boom era after WWII that the modern baby shower began. It was at this time that baby showers became more playful including games and showering the mother with presents. Gifts were meant to help ease the financial burden of caring for a child. Baby showers continued to evolve from that point forward and that brings us to baby showers as we know them today. Lots of fun. Great opportunity to stock up on some much needed child care items. A great way to get together and celebrate the bundle of joy that is to come. 
Have you noticed any new baby shower trends? What do you think baby showers will be like 20 years from now? Feel free to comment below. Happy Parenting!   


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