Fall-Themed Birthday 

As many of you may have already saw, my daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday yesterday. We decided on a Fall (yes, the season) theme for her birthday this year and I think it worked out great. She had such a good time yesterday and although it was 80 degrees outside and not the typical fall setting here, the theme was perfect. You can check out her fall-themed birthday recap below. Enjoy! 

Fall-Themed Birthday Goodies Table
Here is Aralynn’s Fall-Themed Birthday Goodies Table. We had pumpkin shaped sugar cookies and pumpkin cheesecake cookies in place of cake. Her 5 year old sister made the candy bouquet. I had lots of fun setting up and decorating this table. The theme was just so perfect.
Fall-Themed Photoshoot
Here is the birthday girl! This photo was part of her fall-themed birthday photoshoot. She didn’t completely cooperate with us during the photos but we got 1 or 2 good shots. Lol. But doesn’t she look adorable?
Park Visit
We Met Up With Her Grandma Earlier in the day before all of the festivities and had ice cream at the park. It was pretty warm outside (80 degrees) so we let her have some fun at the park given the not-so-typical fall weather.
Ice Cream at the park
We let the birthday girl enjoy some ice cream to cool us off at the park
Roasting marshmallows
I thought it would be sooo awesome to let the kids roast some marshmallows and make s’mores during Aralynn’s birthday celebration. They all really loved that.
Two Dollar Bill
Okay, so I thought this was pretty cool. My Mom gave Aralynn a $2 bill along with her birthday gifts. I haven’t seen a $2 bill in forever! How appropriate for a 2 year old’s birthday gift. Lol.

We had so much fun on Aralynn’s birthday and we actually got lots of smiles out of her. Yay! 

Thanks for stopping by. Feel Free to leave birthday wishes in the comments below. 

Happy Parenting! 

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  1. Happy Birthday to her!🎉🎂Everything was lovely!

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