Innovative DIY Wooden Toy Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

There’s something very satisying about building things with wood.

You’re taking a collection of materials, then working, shaping, and assembling them into a whole finished piece.

Making something from nothing. It’s a great creative outlet, and very fulfilling.

What can make this whole process even more fulfilling is when your finished project is loved by your kids!

Check out these fun and simple DIY Wooden Toy Ideas!

That’s why today we’re going to run through some simple wooden toys you can make using basic materials and tools.

You might even be able to include the kiddos in the build – just remember, safety first.

What you’ll need

You’ll be needing some materials, of course.

Mostly, as you might expect, this means wood. Thankfully, most of the toys suggested today are small and simple, and don’t require much wood – some of them can even be built from scrap wood you may have lying around!

The requirements for each project differ, but you should also have some other basic things like wood glue, screws, and so on.

Let’s talk tools

Again, these are very simple projects so it’s not like you need a full armada of tools – but, you’ll definitely need some.

Some sort of cutting tool will be essential.. a jigsaw would be a good choice, or perhaps a circular saw. If you happen to have a table saw in your home, then even better!

You’ll also need some class of a drill, and a hammer.

If you want the highest possible quality finish, you might want to pick up some things like planers, sand paper, etc.

And of course some wood paint to fancify your project!

Lastly, you’ll need a measuring tape, clamps (to hold glued pieces together while setting), and a pencil to mark the wood for cuts.

Ok, ok, let’s get to the projects!

Materials wouldn’t do you much good without also having project plans – lucky for you, I got your back.

Here’s my favorite simple wooden toys that almost anyone can make.

1: Balance board

Kids and husbands alike tend to love these things. Which is understandable, they’re pretty cool!

Not only are they cool, but also dead simple. As you’ll see on the plans page, these can be made from 4 simple cuts of wood. The cuts don’t need to be precise either, and the whole process should take only 20-30 minutes.

A very simple toy but very fun – and looks especially great if you paint the top board to fancy it up!

DIY Wooden Balance Board
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2: Wooden block stacker

I can remember these toys very well from when I was kid, and I bet you can as well.

They’re especially popular with very young children, and the idea is really simple – there’s a hortizontal wooden pole attached to a base, then blocks with a whole in the middle can be stacked over the pole.

It’s worth noting that this will take a little more precision than the balance board mentioned above. It’s still a very simple build though, as you’ll see in the tutorial.

3: Pizza puzzle

Now this one is pretty darn creative, and it looks great.

The idea here is pretty obvious – you’ll be making a circular base that can hold all these shapes and sizes that fit together like a pizza. The puzzle is to get them all fitting together correctly.

A perfect challenge for little developing minds!

On the build side of things, this one will take some more effort than the first two. Circular shapes can be tricky, as this one has a lot of them. It’s worth the effort, though – check out the tutorial.

DIY Wooden Pizza Puzzle
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4: Huge tic-tac-toe game

I decided to finish it up with one that’s easy to build, but also very fun.

Tic tac toe is a lengendary game that lives on through the ages no matter how old it gets. The beauty is in the simplicity of the rules – kids have been testing their mettle against one another with this game for generations, and will do for the foreseeable future!

The other nice thing about this project is it involves mostly hard angles.. no tricky curvy or circular parts.

This is a great toy, and doesn’t take many tools to get it built. Enjoy!


These are just a sample of the simple things you can make for your kids with just some wood and tools.

It’s a very inexpensive way to not only entertain your kids with gifts, but also get the satisfaction of a build. Every time you look at one of these toys, you’ll remember the good times of building it.

Plus, wooden toys are very wholesome – quite a refreshing difference from the video games, tablets, and all sorts of other digital media that kids love these days!


Innovative DIY Wooden Toy Ideas that Won't Break the Bank
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