DIY Summer Reading Challenge for Your Child 

Summer is here and I know lots of kids are super excited about the break from school that comes with it. I know when I was a child, this was one of my absolute favorite times of year (still is, but for different reasons now). However, we don’t want our children’s minds to take a summer vacation as well. I’m a HUGEEEE fan of reading so I think summer reading challenges are actually lots of fun. Reading challenges are also really good ways to keep your child’s mind stimulated throughout the summer while providing them with the opportunity to earn a nice treat. So what I have for you all today are a few steps for you to start your very own summer reading challenge for your child this year. Enjoy!

(1) Decide how long you want your challenge to last. You can start in the beginning of the summer and have it end the week before school starts back or you can try it for just a few weeks in the summer.

(2) Choose what type of reward(s) they will receive once they reach certain milestones throughout the challenge. This could be as simple as a certificate or stickers on a progress chart or a large treat like a special trip or an item they’ve really been hoping to get. You could also use a combination of these rewards.

(3) Log your child’s reading hours to keep track of their progress or keep track of the number of books they complete.

(4) Encourage your child throughout the challenge and discuss with them what they’ve read and anything new they may have learned. This will keep them engaged in the process.

(5) Just have fun! This shouldn’t be an intense challenge. It’s all about having fun while learning.

I encourage all parents to try a summer reading challenge for their children that are able to read on their own. They can select any books that they are interested in reading. There are millions of options out there! If you have younger children that can’t yet read on their own, as always, I encourage you to read to them daily. Feel free to share some of your favorite titles in the comments below. Happy Parenting!

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