DIY Party Invitations We Created 

So today I will not only be revealing the theme to ‘Ai’s birthday party this year, but I will also be taking you through our process of creating these super simple themed invitations. The entire process only took approximately 20 minutes and we spent less than $5! This is a project you can do with very little time on your hands and just a few dollars in your pocket. Enjoy. 

We simply used some yellow foam sheets, red ribbon, glue, glitter, scissors and our 3 inch circle invitations that I made in Pages
We then cut out the circles and glued them onto the foam.
After the circles were glued in place, we cut around the circles leaving about a centimeter or 2 of space so that the yellow foam would show behind it.
I stapled the ribbon on, ‘Ailani added some gold glitter around the edges. We let everything dry and BOOM! Here is our finished project. 🙂

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