DIY Easter Egg Hunt Ideas 

Easter is right around the corner and I
know a lot of us are in the process of prepping for that special day. From that Sunday’s dinner to what to wear to whose church to celebrate at, there’s a lot going on. However, I know many of us like to plan special Spring and Easter activities for the kids around this time of year as well such as EASTER EGG HUNTS. I absolutely love putting together Easter Egg Hunts for the kids and each year I try to make them more and more exciting. So if you’re anything like me, this post is definitely for you. The kids are sure to have a blast at this year’s Easter Egg Hunt using these DIY ideas. 
Turn it into an Easter Egg Hunt and Decorating Party

Select a few cute “Springy” colors as the color scheme for your party. Make up some cute DIY invitations and invite as many kids and as much family as you like. Let them know the date, time, and place of the event and get them pumped up to come for some Easter Egg Hunt fun. Then, shopping time! Get some fun (and safe) bright colored egg dyes, and some stickers, glitter- whatever fun stuff you want to decorate the eggs! Also be sure sure to pick up some fun decorations to set the scene for the festivities. You can also give the kids an opportunity to create some other fun stuff such as bunny ears so be sure to grab all of the arts and crafts items that you plan on needing that day. Your party can consist of arts and crafts, a light lunch, a yummy dessert, and of course…. egg hunting!!! 
Allow each guest to make their own pair of bunny ears to wear throughout the party or have some bunny ears ready to go once they arrive

Just for a little extra fun, get each guest in the mood with some bunny ears of their own. 
Make festive lunch boxes for each guest

Your guests are sure to love a spring-themed lunch box or basket packed with nutritious and delicious foods. What you put inside really depends on how well you know your guests and your awareness of any allergies one may have as well as what things they really like. Perhaps a sandwich, some fruit, and cheese crackers would be a good idea. Click here for some ideas.
Offer yummy and refreshing Spring-themed drinks

A variety of lemonades (strawberry, blueberry, original) and of course water bottles are typically my go-to but you can go for one of your homemade punches or any other drink you would prefer. Click here for some ideas for making your drinks more festive. 
Include a yummy dessert bar for your guests

Get together with your little ones and whip up some delicious baked treats and fun decorations for a fun Easter-themed dessert table. 
Let each child decorate a bucket for them to use during the egg hunt

If you choose to do crafts at your Easter Egg Hunt and Decorating Party, this could be one of them. Pull out the stickers, markers, and other art utensils for each child to decorate their very own Egg Hunting Bucket. 
Spice up the hunt by having the kids meet at a Start sign and leave little surprises for them to find as they find eggs.

Decorate a large “Start” sign prior to the festivities so that everyone knows where exactly the egg hunt will begin. Have everyone meet at the Start before beginning the hunt then blow a whistle to signal everyone to start hunting. Leave little fun surprises along the way to add to the excitement and so that all children feel included in the prize-winning. 
One Big Egg! Let the child with the most eggs in their basket, be the winner of one giant egg filled with a big reward of your choice.

  Fill one giant Easter egg with a huge prize for the child that collects the most eggs during the hunt. The prize can be a stuffed animal, a fun toy, or a Fun mix of things- maybe even a couple of gift cards. 

Whether you choose to include one or all of these ideas in this year’s Easter festivities, your guests are sure to have a good time. If you try any of these ideas, feel free to update us all on how it went. Leave a comment below. Happy Parenting! 🙂


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