Couponing 101: What I've Learned

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons. Coupons are kind of a big deal…especially for a crazy coupon lady like myself. I’m sure many of you have heard of the concept of “couponing”. This concept is actually becoming more and more prevalent in society. So, what exactly is this couponing thing I mention? Well, simply put: couponing is finding and saving a variety of coupons so you can save a great deal of money on various products. Why is this important for a parent? Well, duh! Kids can get pretty freakin expensive! We need to be saving money every chance we get, right? But, the trouble I find and I am sure many of you have as well, is that couponing can take a lotttt of time and a great deal of organization. It’s just simply not always as easy as it seems. However, I was lucky enough to meet a crazy coupon lady much like myself the other day at a networking event but unlike myself, she has found a process to make everything soooo much easier. She has even turned her couponing and stockpiling passion into a personal business- teaching couponing classes and selling some of her stockpile at extremely discounted prices. Sounds cool, right? Well, I was dying to know how she does it. How has she reached success in this area? I have been struggling for years to get it right. But, she gave me some pretty good tips and now, I’m going to share them with you. Ready?

So, let’s start here: where do we find all of these coupons and deals? Well, she gave me a few ideas.

(1)  The most obvious-checking daily papers and sales ads at local stores.

(2) Most of our favorite stores now have a store app that we can download that’ll send deals straight to our cell phone or even download the digital e-coupons directly to a store member card.

(3) Using Google alerts to be updated every time a sale is posted so you can jump right on it and print off the coupons or find your spot in line in front of a store.

(4) Utilizing sites such as

Next, once we’ve accumulated all of these coupons, we need to organize them. Here are some good ways to go about organizing:

(1) Create a coupon binder with inserts to divide into categories and organize coupons by date of expiration, product, store, etc- whichever way works best for you.

(2) Find an old shoe box and organize a filing system for all of your coupons.

It is also a good idea to go through maybe once a week or so and get rid of expired coupons or coupons you think that you will no longer need.

Finally, you need to organize your couponing schedule. It is best for you to select a certain day for each of the following:

(1)Gathering- clipping, printing, and downloading all of your coupons

(2)Filing-placing and organizing all of your coupons in your binder or shoe box

(3)Shopping- finally put those coupons to use and stock up on some good stuff

So, this is all that I have recently learned. Now I just need to follow this process and get back on track with my stockpiling. I really look forward to stocking up on all of my yum yums. Feel free to comment any questions or suggestions below. Good day, folks!

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