Countdown to Christmas:Naughty or Nice

It is officially Day 22 of our “Countdown to Christmas,” and here’s what we’ve been up to: 

Lastnight we played around a bit with our Santa Tracker app on the TV again.
We decided to see how naughty or nice we were this year. We don’t want a lump of coal from Santa! LOL
This is actually a really cool activity to do with the kids to get them to reflect on their behavior and actions throughout the year.
Our results! Not too bad but could be better.
Aralynn made a gift for her Dad and me at nursery school. 🙂
OMG. How cute is this??? They actually got her to stand still for a picture AND smile. LOL. Definitely one of my favorite gifts I’ve EVER received.
The girls watched a Curious George Christmas film before reading our Christmas story.
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Tonight we’re reading No Snow for Christmas for our “25 Days of Christmas Reading Challenge“. You can read this book right from your phone or tablet using the Epic! reading app. Don’t forget to sign up for your free trial!

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Happy Holidays and Happy Parenting!
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24 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas:Naughty or Nice

  1. Aww this looks so adorable, and it’s a fun way to reflect over the last months and remember all the memories along the way 🙂

    1. The girls really enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. I’m not a parent but this is so fun to do with the little ones! I love that Santa tracker app, so fun!

    1. The Santa Tracker app is really cool. My girls don’t believe in Santa so we’re not really tracking him but this app has lots of cool features. Lol.

  3. This looks like so much fun and the photo is too cute! I love tge reading challenge we have a stack of Christmas books that we have been reading, i love christmas stories 🙂

    1. Reading challenges are so much fun to me. Lol. Happy Holidays to you!

  4. I can’t believe its already day 22! Its been such a good countdown and entertaining experiences for the kids (:

    Isaly Holland

  5. Haha, how fun. I’d probably be on the naughty list. I curse a lot you see.

    1. Yeah, same here. Lol. I’m gonna be completely honest with you.

  6. My daughter had her Christmas party at school th other day and she got her present to bring home for me. I love the picture ornaments. They never get old.

    1. My 2 year old had her Christmas party at school and they gave us these cute little ornaments. I love it. 🙂

  7. The Santa Tracker app looks so fun and useful. And your kid’s gift are just too cute. Just imagine showing them these gifts 10 or 20 years from now.

    1. I love getting little things like this that we can look back on later.

  8. This looks really fun, I’m definitely going to give it a try! Also, great Christmas countdown, I love your posts! Happy Holidays! x

  9. Chante

    Great Xmas count down! I’m sure I’m on the naughty It’s with my darn potty mouth lol

    1. If that’s the case, I’m on the naughty list too! LOL.

  10. Wow looks like your kids are in for a fun christmas. Not even sure if we will celebrate this year, we just moved in to a new place so we are still settling. Cant believe it is December already.

    1. Congrats on your new place! That’s an awesome gift. 🙂

  11. i think this is an activity my little one would enjoy these holidays. 🙂 thank you for the recommendation

  12. blair villanueva

    Merry Christma dear for you and your loving family!

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