12 Charitable Ways for the Family to Celebrate the Holidays

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Take a different approach to the holidays this year!

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You don’t have to spend all your time and money on gift shopping for the holidays this year. You can use your innate gifts to spread holiday cheer! The gift of service is one of the greatest gifts you can give. We are all here to serve one another. Plus, that loving energy is guaranteed to be returned to you. What better way to celebrate the season than to put a smile on faces without breaking the bank? Here are 12 charitable ways to celebrate the holidays this year. Enjoy!

  1. Be a secret elf for a family in need. Leave small gifts and holiday decor on their porch for 12 days leading up to Christmas.
  2. Serve a warm meal to those in need. Enlist the help of other volunteers to provide food, service, and equipment.
  3. Volunteer to help at a local food pantry or homeless shelter.
  4. Donate your old or unused books, clothes, and toys to children in need.
  5. Start a fundraiser for an organization of your choice and spread awareness about a cause that you support.
  6. Help a neighbor put up their holiday decor free of charge.
  7. Volunteer to collect food for a food drive and deliver to families.
  8. Send over a care package and love-filled letter to our troops.
  9. Hand out holiday cards to the elderly at a nursing home.
  10. Make small toys to donate to a local animal shelter.
  11. Make care packages for the homeless, and include a holiday card to brighten their day.
  12. Perform random acts of kindness- Pay for the order behind you in the drive-thru, help someone carry grocery to their car, shovel your neighbor’s driveway.

What are some ways you like to give back during the holiday season, or during any time of the year? Please share in the comments.

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