Breastfeeding Hacks: 5 Tips to Do it Right

Nursing your baby isn’t an easy task, especially for first time moms. If you’re one of those new moms who are overwhelmed with all the happiness and stress that comes with being a new parent, here’s a little something to help, especially when it comes to one of the most important tasks that comes post childbirth-breastfeeding!

Follow these 5 super tips and tricks that will help you get the hang of breastfeeding and ace it!

5 Breastfeeding Hacks- guest post by Enozia Vakil

Do it Right!

Breastfeeding can be tricky for new moms-whether it is the tenderness and pain or just the stress of it all. That’s where the formula milk comes in to help. Alternating breastmilk and formula milk is a great way to get started, particularly if things are getting a bit too stressful for you. Slowly, you can start skipping the formula milk entirely and rely solely on breastmilk for your baby.

If you’re having trouble producing enough milk for your baby, include more of foods that encourage lactation into your daily diet.

Position Matters

Choosing the right position that’s comfortable for both you and your baby works wonders, so don’t hesitate to experiment. Position your baby in such a way that your baby’s belly touches yours- this position usually helps a lot, since your baby tends to feel more safe and comfortable and it helps him nurse better.

Don’t Count Minutes

You may be tempted to count minutes and attempt to switch breasts while nursing your baby, but don’t do it forcibly. Let your baby come off on his own, and then switch to the other breast.

Lie Down on Your Side

Lying down on your side and breastfeeding is also an excellent way to nurse, especially if you’re experiencing pain post a C-section or are simply exhausted. You can have someone help you and lie down in a comfortable position on your side, and have your baby feed while you relax.

You can also get some additional support by using nursing pillows.

Get Some Comfort

Nipple soreness and dryness tends to be common among moms who are breastfeeding, but don’t let it worsen. Get some comfort for them by massaging them with a natural moisturizer (think organic coconut oil) or other nipple creams available.

Following these simple yet actionable tips can help you a lot when it comes to feeding your baby. Remember that breastmilk is the best for your baby, and while formula milk isn’t bad, it is best to have it as the second option as opposed to the only option.

You’ll also find dozens of apps that can help you make the process of breastfeeding easier and hassle-free- so don’t shy away from getting that digital help when you need it the most.



Guest Post by Enozia Vakil
Enozia Vakil is a writer and social media marketing enthusiast with a passion for reading and writing.

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