'Ailani's Favorite Birthday Gifts Review: Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Essentials Set

‘Ai got so many nice gifts for her 5th birthday last week and she has been super excited ever since. I would like to give a huge thanks to everyone involved with her birthday celebration that entire weekend. She really enjoyed herself.

Now, ‘Ailani decided to pick a few of her favorite birthday gifts from this year and tell us why the particular item she chose is one of her faves. Today we will be taking a look at the Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Essentials Set that I purchased for her.

I bought this product for her because she loves to play with my sisters’ expensive makeup and I figured this would be the perfect set for her to use during pretend play. The items in the set looked so real and I just knew she’d love it. So, after talking to her about this cosmetics set, here are the reasons why she claims it’s one of her favorites:

– “It looks like real makeup but I can’t make a mess with it.”

-“The glitter for my eyes doesn’t come off when I rub my finger on it so my eyeshadow stays pretty and I don’t get glitter everywhere.”

-“I like that the lip gloss actually rolls on like my real lipgloss does.”

-“I can pretend to do my makeup when I’m with my aunties and they’re doing their makeup.”

-“The brushes are so soft.”

-“I like the bag that came with it because it makes it easy for me to not lose my makeup and I can put my real lipgloss in it too.”

-“It had all the good makeup stuff in it.”

-“The bag is really cute and everybody likes it.”

-“It’s really fun.”
All of the above comments are actually what she said. She really likes this gift and is sooo glad that she got it. I would also recommend it if you have a little one that loves to play in your makeup. This fun set will keep them busy and you won’t have to worry about them applying real makeup to their face.

This is NOT a sponsored post. These were our actual views on this product. We were not paid to review this set. It was a gift I purchased for my daughter from Amazon and these were her thoughts on it. I have included a link to the item below.

Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Essential Set – Light

(Please note: The Amazon link i have provided is an affiliate link)
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